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Nothing comes from nothing. It takes careful planning and great efforts to hold on to your customers and follow up on all the opportunities the market has to offer. That’s why we’ve designed a customisable online CRM system, which helps you focus on what’s most important and lets you spend your energy on really making a difference.

Why webCRM?

Activity driven

webCRM ensures you never forget to call your customers and that you always follow up on all your opportunities with targeted activities and offers – before it’s too late.


You select and combine features to match your business as you grow. webCRM gives you a full suite of features for structuring your sales, for targeting your messages and offers, for handling your customer questions - and for managing how and if you grow.

Easy to use

webCRM is designed for sales people. Therefore, they love using the system. When sales people use the CRM system, you get valid and valuable insights - and sell more.

Offices and experts in 12 countries

Our local support teams and CRM experts have helped hundreds of customers organise their customer relations.
Call our UK office on 0800 1522102

Webcrm Platforms W500pxl Sales Green

Hourly backup

Secure EU hosting

English customer service


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What our customers say

webCRM is much simpler to use and therefore we have seen a dramatic increase in usage across all levels of our organization
Peter Claxton
Associate Director
We have been able to increase our membership, improve awareness of our services quickly and easily with webCRM, the staff love it
Darren Shaw
Brand Yorkshire
webCRM has not only assisted in housing the data but also allows for cross-referencing between the team members so everyone can see what everyone else is up to.
Kirsten Lovemore
Communications Manager
Mantis Marketing
One of the features we like most about this product is that it is very user friendly.
webCRM is simple to use and value for money.
Gary Amer
No maintenance. No surprises. No nonsense.

Fixed monthly price per user

No start-up fees or unpleasant surprises.
Plans starting at £18.

Easy upgrade

Upgrade your plan as you grow to get more features.

Free updates

24/7 access to the latest version.
No maintenance required.

Highly customisable

Set up webCRM yourself or let us get you started in a matter of hours.

Quick access.
Nothing to install.
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