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Personal branding lets you sell more

We buy from the person, not just the company. The salesperson is the main driver of getting new clients. So it’s important to think about the signals this person sends out. The salesperson should be someone the client feels they can trust, someone they respect and most of all someone they like! The customer will be a loyal customer if they feel that the salesperson is reliable and engaged in giving them great service.
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Get organised with a CRM system

When starting a business you need a business plan where you consider the legalities and things like how you can market and sell your product. Many businesses tend to forget to include the implementing of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in this fase.
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Top tips for getting the most from your sales leads

When an organisation starts on the CRM journey, one of the key processes they are looking to incorporate is leads – or sales – management, the cornerstone of any CRM solution. There is often a gap between the marketing effort and the sales process of a company – a CRM solution can provide a two-way communication channel that delivers benefit to both teams in your organisation:
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The employees are the key to success

Por Categoria: Marketing Work
What creates success in a small entrepreneur business? The answers are many – the good idea is crucial. Strategic skilful leadership that understands what it takes to market the product. Luck or lack thereof also has influence on who makes it or brakes it.
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Is CRM as important as your accounting system?

It is interesting that whilst most companies have a pretty well managed accounting function, the information flowing between you and your customers, does not seem to be as high as a priority. Every business owner or senior manager understands the value of managing invoices, payments, stock and cash flow. Legally there is an imperative as Company Directors; we have to demonstrate that we are in control of our finances and customer transactions.
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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a way of managing a company’s interactions with current and potential customers. CRM is a help for all kinds of businesses who want a clear structure to retain and develop their customers – and get a better handle on marketing and sales.

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