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Beautiful templates with webCRM Editor!

It is now much easier to create newsletters and PDF templates in your webCRM system. Previously it was often necessary to master a HTML language to quite some level… with the new webCRM Editor this is now no longer required. Now you create your own templates using the new webCRM style wizard, which makes it very easy to produce newsletters. Among other things, all images scales automatically to the blocks where they are elected.

HTML safe

The templates in this new editor are 'HTML-safe', which means that images, fonts, formatting and links etc. are locked to your defined standards so your receivers can lean back and always rely on the same professional look when they receive your email or PDF.

Define your new standards

With the style wizard, you define default themes to your templates to an automatically consistent graphic look in different email and PDF templates. You can also easily adjust, expand and change the overall graphic expression.

One tool for all...

The template builder is ideal for newsletters and other standard email and PDF templates. If you also use the template builder to the more general email templates, you will get templates that are more robust. This means that when the template is used subsequently when editing and inserting specific text the fonts are controlled in a much more secure way compared to previous in the current editor, where most users have to build up the old-fashioned way directly in the editor.

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