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Ensure high deliverability of your newsletters by adding an “unsubscribe” link

Too many spam complaints? If you get too many spam complaints, a sending limit may be temporarily placed on your account. This restraint follows common email compliance guidelines stating that you may only send emails to people that have explicitly granted their permission to receive your emails.

One reason why people report your newsletters as spam could simply be that they may have forgotten signing up for your mailing list.

A simple step to reduce spam complaints is to allow your subscribers to unsubscribe easily from your newsletters by always having a clear and visible unsubscribe link. You can use a landing page for this, so that the “unsubscribe” is saved directly on the person card and so that the person will automatically be filtered out in future mass emailings.

It only takes a few minutes to create this landing page and in return, it will ensure that your newsletters keep reaching your customers’ and leads’ inbox.

How to make “unsubscribe” landing pages:

  1. Go to Configuration > Integration > Landing pages, click “Create” and choose “Newsletter sign on/off”.
  2. Write a description. It should be identical to the name of the unsubscribe link you want in your newsletters, e.g. “Unsubscribe”. Click “Save”.
  3. Set “Expire link after”, e.g. “Never expires”
  4. Write a submit button text, e.g. “Update my newsletter subscription” and the message you want after submitting, e.g. “Your newsletter subscription has been updated”
  5. Choose the newsletter sign on/off field “Person. Block mass emails” and “Enable sign on/off
  6. Write the label e.g. “Check to unsubscribe from our newsletter”. Save.

This is what it looks like:
Unsubscribe Link Dump 1 UK

Then, when designing your newsletters, simply insert the merge field:
Unsubscribe Link Dump 2 UK

And you will get an “unsubscribe” link in your newsletter:
Unsubscribe Link Dump 3 UK

Which opens a landing page where people can update their newsletter subscription:
Unsubscribe Link Dump 4 UK
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