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Our team

Our team


James Bogue


James Bogue is Director of webCRM. He has been working in the IT industry since 1982, selling and implementing CRM systems for the past 15 years, the last six with webCRM. James has won a number of awards in his career, including EMEA CRM Implementation of the Year 2004.

0044 (0)115 758 8444 james.bogue@webcrm.com

Stephen Todd


Stephen Todd is Director of webCRM. He has been involved in the CRM software business for many years and has previously managed other software companies. Stephen takes pride in helping customers grow their businesses and become loyal long term webCRM ambassadors.

0044 (0)115 758 8444 stephen.todd@webcrm.com

Lynette Todd

Customer Service Manager

Lynette Todd manages customer services for our webCRM users. With a background in event management and sales, she coordinates the customer services, communications and educational programmes for webCRM.

0044 (0)115 758 8444 lynette.todd@webcrm.com

Katie Williams

CRM Consultant

Katie Williams is CRM Consultant at webCRM. She specialises in management of key business processes, new business and client relationships. Katie works with businesses to help them win more business and increase sales to existing customers.

0044 (0)115 758 8444 katie.williams@webcrm.com

Jørgen Rode

Founder / CEO


Maja Taghdissi Jani Gierringe

Marketing Manager - Denmark


Michael Danielsen

Head of Sales - Denmark


Thomas Pierog

Support and Consultancy Manager - Denmark


Kenneth Mortensen

IT Operations and Development Manager

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webCRM was founded in 2005 and is present in 11 countries. We’ve had profitable growth year after year from day one. webCRM has been awarded the Gazelle prize for 5 consecutive years as recognition of exceptional growth.

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