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Mass modify data in webCRM

With webCRM’s analysis and reporting tool, you can avoid the hassle of exporting, updating and importing data via Excel. Bulk change customer, contact, sales activity, opportunity data etc. directly in webCRM. Change e.g. responsible, territory, organisation type, follow up date, sales pipeline level or any other data. You may filter for anything you like, e.g. …
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Schedule your broadcast emails and newsletters to optimise open rates

Schedule your broadcast emails and newsletters for the days and hours when people are most likely to open their emails. At the same time, you don’t have to be at the office  when the actual broadcast takes place, which means you don’t have to plan your day around the time where you push the “send”-button. Scheduling …
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Heartfelt thanks for 10 years of trust

Ten years ago, Jørgen Rode and Erik Maltby launched their first online CRM system upon their wish to help our customers do their best – and sell more, of course. They found that many CRM systems were too complicated to use – so complicated that they were in fact never used or even obstructing progress. …
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Become more efficient: Pin your favourites in “My user area"

Take a shortcut. By pinning your most used contact persons, activities, reports, templates, etc. in “My user area”, you can save time finding the sales performance report you use every week, the newsletter template you use every month or the key lead you are working on closing just now.   Find the small pin icon …
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Avoid errors and save time: Move old email templates to your archive

Tired of searching for the email templates you are currently working on? Email and newsletter templates you don’t currently use shouldn’t take up your time and attention. Move old email templates to the archive.   Open your template and tick off the “archive” field. You’ve now shortened down your email template list to those you …
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