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Alquity achieved holistic pipeline view,
structured follow-up activities and targeted email marketing

At Alquity, both sales activity tracking and opportunity management were conducted in numerous different spreadsheets. Follow-up activity was very inconsistent and it was difficult for management to get a consolidated view across the business. Alquity decided on webCRM after testing four different CRM systems.




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Challenge: Fragmented data and incohesive view across the business

Alquity is an investment management company with offices in London and Hong Kong. The organisation has sales departments on both locations and they work closely together.

Alquity’s previous CRM system was only used for emailing customers and sending out newsletters. Sales processes across the team were inconsistent which meant that activities and opportunities only existed in different spreadsheets each maintained by different sales managers. This made data extremely fragmented and challenging when sales team members moved role. In addition, the CRM system didn’t provide management with the consolidated view across the business they needed. Opportunities ended up being lost due to unstructured follow-up.



Efforts: Workshops helped drive ownership and user engagement



Alquity spent a great deal of time prior to the new CRM implementation thinking about how they wanted to use a new system and which internal processes they needed to change in order to achieve the desired benefits.

Therefore, Alquity ran several workshops with all of the sales representatives. The sales process was divided into stages and each stage was broken down even further to understand what worked and what didn’t and where consistency was needed.

Not only did the workshops help along the production of the specification document; how Alquity wanted to build their new customised CRM system and how it could fit into those sales processes that were working well outside their existing CRM solution. The workshops also helped drive ownership and engagement and was an excellent way to create buy-in from the whole team.

Through the workshops, a new CRM system became a clear advantage instead of an overwhelming challenge.



Solution: Visible pipeline and standardized sales process

Alquity was looking for a CRM system, which was able to handle four essential demands.

They needed help getting their sales process standardised and their sales pipeline aligned for management to view across the business. Furthermore, a quicker and more structured follow-up on sales interactions was a must as well as remote access for the sales representatives.


After trying four different CRM systems, Alquity chose webCRM. The choice was rather straight forward as webCRM stood out in four different ways as:

  • The most simple system

  • The most intuitive system

  • The most cost-effective system

  • It provided personal consultancy during implementation

Implementation was done quickly considering data from Alquity’s old CRM system needed to go into webCRM. The system was ready for use after only two months and completely matched Alquity’s configuration requirements.


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The choice to go with webCRM came down to four reasons: Simplicity, intuitiveness, cost effectiveness and the fact that we liked the people we met at webCRM. The consultant from webCRM was really helpful and always willing to give advice.


Gordon Brown

Finance and Operations Director




Results: Holistic pipeline view and targeted direct marketing

Since the implementation of webCRM, management has had a continuous holistic view of the sales pipeline. Opportunities are now visible at all times and management knows when extra efforts are needed on both locations.

In addition, Alquity benefits from the standardised format and the fact that data can now be found in one single place. Risk has therefore been mitigated when sales representatives change jobs within the organisation.

The marketing team has also benefitted from the webCRM implementation. Especially the integration with Mailjet has allowed Alquity to do targeted and structured direct marketing.

The team now understands which clients are responding to content and they continue to adjust based on clicks and open rates. The fact that this data is visible on the contact cards in webCRM is a huge advantage for both Marketing and Sales.






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