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Case Interactive Freight Systems

Customised CRM solution
improved sales processes for global sales team

Interactive Freight Systems (IFS) is a global company with sales teams in five different countries. The sales representatives share many of the same accounts and having a global overview and a structured sales process was impossible working from three different CRM systems. Customised cloud-based CRM was the solution for IFS.


Case IFS


Challenge: Lost chances

IFS operates internationally with sales divisions in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and the UK. Over a 5 year-period, the organisation has experienced rapid growth but using three different CRM systems proved both ineffective and obstructive for sales.

Each system offered lots of relevant information on the accounts but since the information was not synchronised important facts about recent activities did not reach all relevant parties of the sales team. Knowledge sharing was impossible and consequently IFS missed out on sales opportunities.

Furthermore, as leads need to shift between countries, IFS was looking for a synchronised CRM package capable of handling diverse time zones and currencies. Email and ERP integrations were also essential and IFS wanted to avoid a system, which required local user installation.

Solution: Customised CRM

Being cloud-based and allowing various integrations, time zones and currencies, webCRM met all of IFS’ system requirements. However, the customisation webCRM provides proved just as important for IFS.

webCRM allows IFS sales representatives to access the same accounts and work with them independently no matter their location. Accounts can be part of the sales representative’s individual sales process without interfering with other colleagues’ work on the same account. Fields, screens and layout are adapted to the local user and each country represents its own user group. Especially the overview of recent sales activities in webCRM such as meetings, quotations and orders is essential for the IFS sales team now that everything happens from one system.



Ben Website


Excellent functionality at a reasonable price. Based in Australia, the service we receive would seem there is a Sydney webCRM office. Now IFS has a world-class customer management and sales tool to grow our global business.


Ben Woodward
Global Channel Manager, IFS


Results: Sense of direction and global growth

webCRM has helped IFS eliminate duplication of work and given the sales representatives the best tools for reaching their sales targets. Mainly three processes have been optimised through webCRM:

Structured follow-up on new leads

No more missed opportunities. Tracking down new leads is structured in webCRM and the relevant sales representative knows when to take action and which actions are required.

Improved upselling

Since the implementation, sales representatives systematically check up on IFS’ existing customers and identify upselling opportunities. This has had a positive effect on retention.

Identification of growth potential
With webCRM, IFS is able to review the entire customer base globally and pinpoint where regional sales can grow to other international locations. In other words, IFS now quickly identifies growth potential and easily creates the relevant activities in webCRM to ensure follow-up.

Finally, IFS Operations and Telemarketing is able to review the progress of sales on a continual basis, which has proved to be another win from the webCRM implementation.


Efforts: Allocation of resources and personal consultancy

Successful implementation of a CRM system demands an effort, and IFS knew that.

One of the directors chose to own the deployment process. He ensured the appropriate resources were available to deliver seamlessly and assigned the Global Channel Manager as responsible for the entire international deployment and ongoing operations.

Since the implementation is a collaboration, it also demanded an effort from webCRM and consultancy has been key to the smooth implementation in three countries simultaneously. webCRM emphasises the personal relation and has been in close collaboration with IFS from project initiation and design over integration and deployment to ongoing support of the solution. The webCRM consultant continues to check up on the organisation to make sure IFS gets the most out of their system.

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Interactive Freight Systems

Industry: Shipping technology software, SmartFreight®

Countries: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and Ireland

Employees: 40-50

webCRM customer: Since October 2013



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