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Case Vendelbo Bikes

CRM system improved retailer’s efficiency and retention

The Danish retailer, Vendelbo Bikes, was spending too much time on their physical customer relations system. All information was archived in binders, which made data extremely vulnerable. Customer cards could easily go missing in a workshop filled with spare parts, and if not archived correctly, no one would know where to find. The time spent on binders was time away from the customers. Vendelbo Bikes needed to go digital.


Challenge: Static customer data prevented retention

The Danish bikeshop, Vendelbo Bikes used to have all customer data archived in binders. They were pulled down from the shelves to look up repairs every time customers came to the shop. The manual archive made it difficult to stay on top of things and retention was almost impossible for Jens Peter Palmblad, the shop owner, and his team.


The biggest challenge was to get customers to revisit the shop after their purchase. The additional sales potential which retention represents was unresolved.



Solution: Less time in binders, more time with the customer

It became clear to Jens Peter Palmblad that customer relations needed to be digitised as it would result in three obvious advantages for Vendelbo Bikes:


1. Easy access to customer history for all employees.

2. Digital updates would improve efficiency in the shop as well as with the accountant.

3. Increase the number of customer visits during slack periods and allowing the staff to have an influence on the company’s customer flow.


Finally, Jens Peter Palmblad wanted a CRM system that would allow him to pull statistics and analyse customer data for continuous improvements.



Efforts: Retail customisation and training

To begin with, the webCRM system was customised for Vendelbo Bikes so that it met the requirements of the staff in the shop and the accountant. This included advanced search, creating default reports and implementation of the SMS module.

Next was proper training. Since the shop went digital with webCRM, a new best practice for customer relations management was defined. Therefore, everybody needed to know exactly which information was mandatory when a new customer placed an order or an existing one came for repair.


Results: Customer service taken to a completely new level

The obvious advantage for Vendelbo Bikes is of course that it’s now much easier searching for customers and getting a clear view of their repair (and possible complaint) history with the shop.


The real game-changer for Vedelbo Bikes has been the retention tools suddenly provided by the CRM system. Customer service has reached new heights:


  • SMS service: Maintenance reminder and “ready for pick up”
    With webCRM the team has 100 % control of when each and every one of their customers’ bikes need a maintenance check. They easily push an SMS from the system reminding the customer to stop by the shop either to hand in their bike or to pick it up again. This has had a positive effect on both customer satisfaction as well as the total number of maintenance checks.

  • Email marketing: News, special offers and upcoming events

    Vendelbo Bikes is now on top of their customers’ minds. The shop sends out emails covering the latest bike news, special (seasonal) offers and events such as mountain bike races and demo days.


All six employees like their new digital workday. “We continue to make small improvements within the system but we are very satisfied with the implementation and the results the system has helped us achieve so far," says Jens Peter Palmblad.



Jens Peter Vendelbo


“Everything is made much easier with CRM and we spend less time on things like warranties, creating repairs and identifying existing customers. In addition, our accountant is very pleased with the many reports the system offers."


Jens Peter Palmblad
Owner, Vendelbo Bikes



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Vendelbo Bikes

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Countries: Denmark

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Customer: Since July 2012



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