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Everyone has a CRM system, make it a GREAT one!

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I am always surprised by how many businesses believe that CRM has to be complex and difficult. We watch as intelligent businesses make do with disorganised applications as they accept the hard work as standard. For many organisations Excel spreadsheets and Outlook is their CRM. Some (these days luckily fewer and fewer) cope with a pile of paper on a shelf as their CRM system.

In reality, your CRM should make life simple; it should streamline essential information, lay actionable data out clearly and ultimately boost your sales and marketing efforts. Often this is easy done by a thought through software system.

Is your dispersed workforce on the same page?

Completely mobile, incredibly versatile and available from any device, you can capitalise on the benefits of a remote workforce while keeping everyone heading towards the same goal. A great CRM system makes a difference and offers a unique advantage allowing for pushing your own amassed data in a structured and focused way, and leaving nothing undocumented back. Furthermore, it gives your customers a feeling of being top priority as a central part of your activities. And for the management, great CRM secures that your people are adding value to their own activities.

What to expect from great CRM

TRUE: CRM involves complex processes to optimise organisation, to improve sales data, to track customers and to enhance efforts.

FALSE: You have to concern yourself with complex applications, organising of data and CRM programming.

A great CRM system makes your work life simple, it integrates seamlessly into your own setup and fine-tunes the information you need to track and improve. Great CRM makes every workday easy while blending a myriad of complex features to bring you one simple to use system.

Quick (but sad) statistics about CRM

• 72% would love a CRM system that's easier to use
• 43% of CRM systems are out of date with the company business model
• 35% of CRM users still enter data manually as their CRM doesn't fulfil their needs
Source: http://blog.salesloft.com/crm-statistictics-forecast-infographic

These statistics are incredible… but there is an answer! Great CRM ensures every business uses 100% of the system to their advantage every day with ease. Improving customer relations and services, sales management, data organisation and the multichannel experience.

Can you spot sales opportunities at a glance?

Enough talk! An example is a quite effective way to convey a message that is to be retained by the receiver. 

I believe that one of our British webCRM customers thinks he has great CRM. Tony Marsden of Marsden Direct, a leading exhibition service company, providing full stands to corporate clothing, says: "We have increased our sales by 25% this year, just by instantly knowing what customers to phone and having all the relevant information easily to hand. If our call lists are a sea of red then we know we have to get on the phone!"

Loyalty reaps its own reward

We stand more than half way through 2014 and it is clear to me that 'loyalty' is to become one of this year's major buzzwords. Why? Look around on how the biggest brands understand the value of retaining a customer. With CRM, you can make every customer feel important as you keep their information in one place, no matter who's handling the sales.

Quite simply, great CRM streamlines your systems for success, removing confusion, saving you time and growing alongside your business.

Why make life harder than it has to be, when you can make it quite simple, for you and your sales teams?

James Bogue

James Bogue

James Bogue is Director of webCRM. He has been working in the IT industry since 1982, selling and implementing CRM systems for the past 15 years, the last 7 years with webCRM. James has won a number of awards in his career, including EMEA CRM Implementation of the Year 04 and World-wide runner up in 05.


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