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Using a CRM system properly provides you with one of the finest management devices at your fingertips.

Shooting out the personal newsletter

With CRM, you can identify both customers and leads in so many ways and you are always able to manage how to best attack your different target groups with a newsletter using the email marketing tool within your system. A little writing, grabbing some pictures… a final editing. Then… now is now! You have your content made ready for contact. Everything in the newsletter is well scripted and presented in gorgeous layout. All set to 'send'.

Everything begins in the inbox

Wait a second! Don't dare to forget the most important thing of email marketing campaigns – they live and die by a little but vital detail called THE SUBJECT LINE! Each and every one of your newsletters drives it's own specific purpose and is naturally custom-made and permeated with a lot of relevant stuff and important messages… to those of the receivers who OPENS it! Sadly, real life is kind of cruel – someone (actually a lot) dares to don’t. That’s why, the subject line should be just a little more creative than Newsletter #XX. Therefore, it's time to work the line to get your opening rate as high as possible.

A five star subject line

Yes, sure it's said before and in many different ways. However, I will share with you some of the wisdom from my recent studies here at webCRM and sketch five quick tips that is the main road to drive you more clicks!

Here you go:

1. Put the best up front

Begin big! The further back in the subject line your offer is, the less chance it has of being read. So if you're offering a huge discount on your product this week, make sure that words like 'price cut' appears early in the subject line.

2. Keep it short

Yes! You probably know this one already. But it's a fact that nobody is going to read the most spectacular 30 word-long subject line of poetry, definitely not on their smartphone! Up to 10 words will principally cover the information you need to give.

3. Give it a dose of urgency

As runner up to the offer you can state that this is a deal that doesn't last forever! Time restraints often make us act right now instead of getting to it later. And nothing encourages people to take action like the thought of missing out.

4. Make it personal

You need to dig deep into your customer data (easily done using your CRM system) to determine the different kinds of email subscribers that you have. What defines this group and that group? Economics, influence or maybe sensation! And do you have a specific relation like answering a questionnaire or an order of goods from the client? Then use it! You will have to tailor all subject lines into all those different groups. Yes, it takes time to be personal – but it sure works, because everybody likes to be seen.

5. Triple check spelling and grammar

Misspelling words or using incorrect grammar is the easiest way to ensure that your potential customers don’t open your email. Please be serious about it! Otherwise, most clients may think that you don’t care – not about your company, and not about them.

Okay, that was a swift wrap of what to consider not seconds, not minutes but hours or days before you hit the crucial send button. Go ahead! Write the most killing subject lines – the ones that will keep your campaigns alive…

Mikkel Bording

Mikkel Bording

Mikkel Bording is educated in journalism and media sciences and is experienced working with both news writing and dialogue marketing. Mikkel aims to grasp and convey everything nice and need-to-know in the vast field of communication.

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