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Get organised before your hard data gets too slippery

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What is CRM? As an experienced CRM provider on most European markets, I hear this question quite a lot. Today, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a widely applied business model for managing interactions with current and future customers in a company. The core of the term is quite simple… keep your business on track with help from a software system that will manage your customer relations in an organised way. That’s it!

With a CRM system, you get a database containing your customers. However, it is a much vital tool, which helps the management, the sales people, the marketing department and customer service team match current customer needs – now and for the future.

Everything at your disposal… from wherever you are online!

You get all your customer information like name, email address and phone numbers organised, along with smooth online access, which helps everyone track communications with leads or customers – and what those conversations were all about.

You even have the option to set up custom reporting to show how efficient your sales and support processes are every day. In this way, you can develop your product strategies and offerings, record customer service requests, know which products a customer has bought, segment your customers in to different interests and much more.

When is it a good moment to get a CRM system?

In many cases, the core motivation for implementing a CRM system in a company is where you or your team reach a certain tipping point by which keeping up with all customer information manually is hindering your effectiveness.

To grow your business whilst maintaining costs you need to find more efficient ways of handling and getting the maxmum return from your sales and service processes. Spreadsheeets, dispersed data on laptops, fragmented emails and hours on reports is no longer sufficient.

It is simply NOT an efficient, long-term solution to manage your precious and hard won data like that.

It doesn’t have to be that hard

The basics in a CRM system are easily learned, especially if you gather a small team of enthusiastic people to try it out with you. Together you can identify your key requirements and the solutions that CRM can provide in different parts of the company. Often it is something as simple as getting organised.

Information for and gathered by the sales and service team is immediately to hand as a central resource. This can be used in many ways to forecast sales and trends.

Choose an easy customisable system

If you have chosen a customisable CRM system like webCRM the range of items you can track and measure is extensive. You have also chosen a system 'made for sales people'. And remember this little trick: If the sales and service teams are personally benefiting from using the system - they will use it and everyone benefits.

Jørgen Rode

Jørgen Rode

Jørgen Rode is CEO at webCRM. He holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce in Foreign Trade. Jørgen takes pride in working with enthusiastic and inspiring people every day providing value to companies ranging from Scandinavia to South Africa

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