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Get organised with a CRM system

When starting a business you need a business plan where you consider the legalities and things like how you can market and sell your product. Many businesses tend to forget to include the implementing of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in this fase.

You need a loyal customer base

If you want loyal customers you need to be able to offer an excellent personalized customer service – and a CRM system can help you achieve exactly that. By having a clear overview of your customers you can use reward schemes, give a personalised service and a painless transaction. With a CRM system you are able to focus on all the core aspects of your business needs such as improving the customer satisfaction, communication, costs and marketing.

CRM organises your customer data

Many small businesses find it hard to transfer to a CRM system, and instead stay with the remaining manual or paper data. With a CRM system you can easily enter relevant and accurate data, giving you and your employees a complete record of your customer and identifying their needs – and you're able to share that knowledge with your collegues.

CRM systems allow you to share customer records with the team, have a centralised work calendar, improve efficiency and communication within the team. This leads to a more productive workforce as they are able to easily access data and can effectively manage their workflow.

A study by the CMO Council found that just over 50% of global marketers have a strategy for further penetrating or monetizing key account relationships and that 67% say they have no system for reactivating dormant or lost customers. By aligning with your customers needs you will able to build a rapport with them as you can input data from telephone calls and other interactions making their experience that little bit more personal.

Transferring to a CRM system can help your business' sales

Business aim to increase their revenue and reduce costs. Investing in CRM software enables lower operating costs by improving accuracy, coordinating communication efforts within your business, and reducing filing and paperwork.
CRM systems have many benefits;
• It helps you to attract new customers
• It increases the revenue in the business
• In time, it can help you develop new products and services by using the information to highlight taste trends.
• It allows you to stay competitive

A study by 'Success with CRM' suggests that by implementing a CRM system you can typically see an increase of at least 10% in sales revenue per sales team member during the first three years.

Sales can be increased by 34% according to Market Tool's survey, as the CRM system pinpoints the individual customer’s needs by following their buying patterns. So by using it to gather relevant information you can offer products that match your customers’ needs, as well as those goods that might also be of interest.

Target your marketing

With a CRM system you can build a targeted marketing campaigns and ovoid the mass communication your competitors might still be using. Personalizing your marketing communications improves the chances of it being read by your target audience, as opposed to a cold, generic e-shot.
Make sure that the CRM system you choose is web-based and that the providers allow you to have access on your smartphones and tablets with apps as part of their package at no extra cost.

With smartphones now becoming the norm to search online, it makes sense to use a CRM system that works over multiple platforms. This helps you to be mobile and means you no longer have to wait to update customer details, meeting notes and calendar entries at a desk-bound computer – it can all be done in an instant.

There is always room for improvement and things to learn in business, especially when first starting out. The important thing is to remember your customers' needs. Do that and you'll build their trust, their loyalty and strengthen your customer base.

And what's the best way to do that? Use a CRM system!

Stephen Todd

Stephen Todd

Stephen Todd is Director of webCRM. He has been involved in the CRM software business for many years and has previously managed other software companies. Stephen takes pride in helping customers grow their businesses and become loyal long term webCRM ambassadors.

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