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Sell more – simply by listening

“Listening” on (monitoring) social media and the internet for what people are saying about your company and industry represents sales opportunities for you, because people are asking for product recommendations and seeking advice on social media. “Listening” doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. We give you 5 easy ways to get started.

You probably already have a personal LinkedIn or Facebook profile. Maybe you also manage your company’s LinkedIn or Facebook account and follow industry groups on LinkedIn.

But have you considered the sales potential “listening” on social media represents? With a periodical check-up on relevant platforms, you can identify new leads and spot buying signals.

5 easy ways to “listen”

  • Use a social media management tool
    A social media management tool helps you monitor several social platforms - such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram - in one place. You choose which companies, persons and keywords (e.g. company names, brand names, product names, names of decisions makers, competitors and relevant industry words) to monitor and you will automatically be notified. There are several tools on the market, for example Hootsuite, Buffer and social mention. Some of them offer free plans.

  • Set up Google alerts
    Set up Google Alerts and get notification emails when Google finds content that matches your selected keywords. Google looks for content on e.g. webpages, in newspaper articles, on blogs and social media.

  • Join professional groups

    Become a member of groups related to your industry or product. People use groups, especially on LinkedIn, to get insights, business advice and product recommendations. Share your insights and offer your advice when the opportunity occurs.

  • Check your accounts
    Check your company’s social media accounts regularly. As an administrator, you can access information such as who mentions you, the number of followers and likes you have - and who they are.

  • Look up a company or person on LinkedIn
    Look up a company or lead on LinkedIn. Check their posts, likes, comments, careers and connections, to get to know them better before you contact them. You can do the same with competitors and competitors’ customers.

Julie Lind Mikkelsen

Julie Lind Mikkelsen

Julie Lind Mikkelsen is Content Editor at webCRM. She is keen on creating cross media content which makes a difference for the customers. Julie has a strong profile within both B2B marketing and CRM and holds a Master degree in International Business Communications.

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