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3 reasons why sales people are reluctant to engage with CRM…AND 3 tips on how to fix it!

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Blog _July _2015

In my experience there are three main reasons sales people are initially reluctant to engage with CRM systems:

  1. Suspicion. They think that the information they put in will just be used to measure them and to store all that vital customer information they have in their heads in the system. They are right!
  2. Managers insist on having jazzy reports which means that sales people spend valuable time inputting data into the system that is no real use to them. They are right on that one too!
  3. Following on from the first 2 points CRM systems tend to be clumsy to use which is frustrating to the most displined of us, a nightmare for sales people.

So, suspicion, wasted time and frustration are the key reasons sales people resist CRM.

How to fix it? Well you need to turn this one on it’s head

  • Make  the system USEFUL to the sales people. It is there to help them, to remind them to make that call, do that quote, and remember that their key customer’s dog was at the vet last week!

  • Choose a CRM that is EASY for them to use. Do the ‘Click Count’ for key tasks such as adding a note, a contact, making a call, sending an email or quote?  Too many clicks and navigating to different screens is a big NO.

  • Ensure that the CRM has a good integration with your email system. Sales people spend lot of time emailing and do not like having to duplicate inputting information.

Then you can use the carrot and stick.

The management mantra should be:

- The system is useful

- The system is easy to use, BUT if the information is not in the system then, to all intents and purposes it does not exist.

The correct CRM should be a help not a hinder to the sales team, saving them time, helping them be organised, providing a journey through the sales process, leaving time to concentrate on the all - important reaching of sales targets.

James Bogue

James Bogue

James Bogue is Director of webCRM. He has been working in the IT industry since 1982, selling and implementing CRM systems for the past 15 years, the last 7 years with webCRM. James has won a number of awards in his career, including EMEA CRM Implementation of the Year 04 and World-wide runner up in 05.


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