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Good sales people are like detectives. We are always listening to customers and cataloguing important details that help them to make the next sale. The information we gather from customers and how we use it forms the basis of the relationship we have with them in the future, good or bad.

Without a way to organise your customer information you are literally relying on information retained in people’s heads. This information has to be used by the company, and not just individuals. Therefore it is vital to your company’s future wellbeing and survival.

CRM gives you the ability to organise your customer history so that it can be used in conversation. It allows us to look at key information whilst talking to a client. This in turn leads to being ‘on the ball’, and also becomes part of the process by showing what products customers have displayed an interest in this week or month.

Whilst CRM systems can do wonderful and clever things it is often the simple things that get over-looked, when they really make a difference. They allow us to:

  • Easily store conversion notes and flag the next call back
  • Store key information quickly and send follow up emails
  • Quickly search the database by key criteria
  • Prioritise calls so they do not get lost in the ‘daily grind’

I was speaking to one customer a few weeks ago who is an exhibition stand designer. He has achieved a 20% growth over the last 2 years by focusing on using CRM to be more organised. Once users have a simple to use system that gives them the information they need to make more money, suddenly the brakes are off! As he put it, ‘If I look at my screen and see a sea of red, I know I have to start making calls!”

The next step of knowing your customer will be having access to their engagement with you online. Simple things like ‘What search term did they use to find us?’ to how many times they clicked on a link to view a web page. CRM now needs to show that information. Whether it’s as we make the call or identify the hot prospects that we need to contact. It’s elementary really.

James Bogue

James Bogue

James Bogue is Director of webCRM. He has been working in the IT industry since 1982, selling and implementing CRM systems for the past 15 years, the last 7 years with webCRM. James has won a number of awards in his career, including EMEA CRM Implementation of the Year 04 and World-wide runner up in 05.


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