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7 pitfalls of stand-alone email marketing

I don’t mean to kill your good intentions. If you already do email marketing then congratulations. You’re on to something really good. I just hope you are using your CRM system for this (yes?). I’m sure your emails are easy to make and looks great. But do you follow up on them? Have you sold more?

Let me tell you why stand-alone email marketing is not good for your business:

1. You’ve got lists of subscribers, not (potential) customers

A list of subscribers is just a contact list. You don’t even know their status. Are they customers, ex-customers, prospects or leads? Essential information that people would expect you to know, don’t you think?

2. You don’t really see people
Your subscribers may have expressed their interest in a specific topic. That, of course, is very important. But one thing is what people say they want, another thing is what they do. Stand-alone email marketing doesn’t offer insights into people’s behaviours. Knowing behaviours such as how prospects found you, what they click in your emails, and what they download from your website is crucial insight that you can act on very targeted.

3. Your list is static – and your timing is lousy
What was relevant and interesting yesterday is not necessarily relevant and interesting today. Expressed interests at point of subscription is not equal to current needs. A list of subscribers is completely static. That means you cannot time your messages, offers and actions to how far the customer is on his buying journey and to what he has shown an interest in since your last contact. You cannot deliver the right value at the right time. And as we all know, timing is everything.

4. You are too marketing-oriented – forgetting your purpose
Email marketing is often owned and driven by Marketing. Nothing wrong with that, they are usually pretty good at writing stuff and making things look awesome. Too often, though, Marketing forgets that email marketing is a means, not an end. Stand-alone email marketing often means a stand-alone marketing process – disconnected from the sales process. Needless to say, that’s bad for sales.

5. You’re dazzled with percentage-focused metrics
Metrics are good, we’ve been told. But I’m sorry to break it to you: The most important email metrics are not bounce rates, open rates, deliverability rates or even click rates. It’s nice to know, so that you may optimise headlines, time of delivery, etc. But it’s not information that you can act targeted on, because it doesn’t hold a name. The most important metric is “Who clicks what?” And even that metric is worth nothing if no one follows up. 

6. You are too in love with yourself
When you don’t really know who you are talking to, you’ll of course talk about yourself. You’ll think about what you want to say, before who you want to say it to. There’s a danger that what you say will not be of interest to your receivers. They like to hear about their own problems, not yours.

7. You broadcast everything - and hit no-one
When you don’t really know who you are talking to, you will send the same messages to everybody. It’s like shooting birds with cannons. You will most likely not hit your target.

If you would like to learn more about how to target your emails and newsletters to sell more, you are most welcome to download our white paper. The white paper also gives you 12 ideas for how to segment your target group and 6 ways to use emails and newsletters.

Christina Andersen

Christina Andersen

Christina Andersen holds a Master’s degree in languages and international business communication. Christina has been working within B2B marketing for more than ten years. She is dedicated to engaging content and values good relationships. Christina is committed to sharing knowledge about our products and other subjects of interest to our customers.

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