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Do you suffer from CRM “Featuritis”?

What is CRM “Featuritis”?

The experts at webCRM define CRM “Featuritis” as the condition of “having too many and/or wrong CRM features”. It is caused by lack of purpose and focus and it results in organisational bloat, inaction and dissatisfaction.

  1. You have the wrong features, meaning you are using your CRM system to solve the wrong problems in the first place.

  2. You have too many features, meaning you have passive and expansive features leading to your organisation and CRM system carrying excessive weight.

  3. A combination of above (highly likely)

What causes CRM “Featuritis”?

  • You lack a clear purpose: Your CRM was initially meant to deal with symptoms in sales and marketing. But somewhere along the way, other departments, like finance and production, heard about your project. And so everybody “had their say” and your CRM ended up being designed by a “committee”, and the result was a “compromise” – a cure for something else than what you suffered from in the first place. You end up with all the wrong things, and way too much of it, on your plate.

  • You want what others have: You see other people succeed with their business and with their CRM and you think that “if only I have what they have; all my problems will go away”. But if you don’t have the same pains, why would their painkillers work for you?

  • You want as much as possible: You are afraid of missing out. “What if someday in a distant future I might need this?” “What if I’ll never get another chance of having this really fancy feature?” In fact, everything looks so good that you cannot resist from devouring more and more features.

What are the symptoms of CRM “Featuritis”?

  • You move slowly: It is as if every move you make is in slow motion. You don’t seem to move forward. With your customers. With your business goals.

  • You feel bloated: And you are. You feel uncomfortable, because your organism is trying to digest all too many bad things. Your organism is overloaded.

  • You are exhausted: Just the thought of doing something exhaust you. Because everything is so cumbersome. You are ineffective.

  • You are moody: In fact, everybody is grumbling about how everything has become so heavy.

What can you do about CRM “Featuritis”?

The solution lies not in forsaking CRM all the same, because the problem is not that you have features, but that they are wrong and/or that there are too many of them.

If your condition is due to initially trying to fix the wrong problems, you need to start on a clean slate. Like a doctor, the EnCoRe framework helps you find your customer pains and opportunities - and find out what you need to do about them.

If your condition is due to too many features, you have to “cut down” on excessive, non-critical features and start taking action. Like a personal trainer, the PACE framework helps you keep focus and makes sure you act on your intentions.

Read about the EnCoRe and PACE frameworks here.

Christina Andersen

Christina Andersen

Christina Andersen holds a Master’s degree in languages and international business communication. Christina has been working within B2B marketing for more than ten years. She is dedicated to engaging content and values good relationships. Christina is committed to sharing knowledge about our products and other subjects of interest to our customers.

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