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Does your flow of incoming leads also take a holiday when you do?

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The fact that summer is here is no surprise. What is surprising, however is that your out-of-office reply can keep your leads hot – even if you are physically out of the office.

We are all familiar with the classic Out-of-Office (OOO) reply:

[Your Greeting]

I will be out of the office from (Starting date) until (End date).

If you need immediate assistance, please contact (Contact Person).

Kind Regards,

[Your Name]

There is no call to action here, no value-generation information or captivating phrase to make your out-of-office reply worth remembering. Nor is it an OOO message that makes you – as a person, marketing manager or CEO – stand out from the crowd.

Standardised automatic replies to work e-mails are the easiest solution, but why send out “worthless” messages when you could write an amusing, informative and lead-generating auto-reply instead to elicit a smile or prompt a reaction from your customers?

Your auto-reply will probably be opened and read – obviously someone is sending you an e-mail for a reason. So why not take a few minutes to prepare a fitting automatic reply that can keep your leads hot while you are out of the office? In addition to including personalised informative automatic replies and the e-mail addresses of other colleagues, you can also link to the website pages most frequently searched for by your customers.

Once you are aware of how valuable a good OOO reply is, you will also realise that there is no single standard reply to fit all kinds of absence. In other words, you need more than one automatic reply to cover holidays, business trips, conferences and other types of absence.

With an amusing and personal response or expressive image:

- you will pleasantly surprise your customers
- you will increase the likelihood of being remembered
- you will create valuable branding of yourself and/or your business

If you are planning to attend an important conference, then promptly integrate this into your automatic reply: it will tell your customers that you will be learning useful knowledge related to your position and that your business is actively developing its in-house skill-sets.

Inspiration for how to formulate the best-selling auto-reply is available by googling “out of office reply”. Your search will generate examples of classic auto-replies, amusing replies that elicit smiles and targeted OOORs that keep leads red hot regardless of the weather outside.

Enjoy your summer!

PS. If you are true marketing nerd, activate the tracking of the links in your automatic reply. This will ensure that no sales leads get past you.

Christina Palikaras

Christina Palikaras

Christina is Communication and Marketing Consultant at webCRM. She's doing a Master's degree in Professionel Communication at Roskilde University.

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