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Five reasons why email blasting through a CRM system will increase your sales

Today, most companies know that email marketing is one of the most effective, low-cost and flexible tools for converting leads into customers. Therefore, they scan the market to find an email marketing service that can help them send attractive newsletters. The only problem is that a list of subscribers gives you no insight into the subscriber’s previous behaviour or interactions with you or your business. At worst, it is just a list of contacts that cannot be combined with the company’s strategic targets.

The biggest difference between CRM and an email marketing service is inherent in the words “customer relationship”. In CRM, everything revolves around the customers and the relationship you have with them. With a non-integrated email marketing service, you don’t have customers; you have lists of subscribers without any relational data. When you possess email addresses and only sporadic knowledge of the recipients’ interests, all you really know is that the subscriber was interested in your company/product at the time he/she signed up. Once you become fully aware of the customer’s purchasing habits and interests, you can exert greater influence on your customer’s next likely purchase.

With CRM-based email marketing, your customer database becomes a dynamic goldmine of prospective sales. Read more about some of the many benefits below:

Benefits of email blasting through webCRM
As a webCRM customer, you can directly access email blasts that will quantify your email marketing and help you sell more. The integration with Mailjet provides obvious benefits that heighten your newsletter’s impact, from the planning of targeted blasts to surveying the effect of completed campaigns.

Personalised emails: How can you use a simple trick to get more customers to open your emails? Put your customer’s first name or company name in the subject field! Most of us react spontaneously when we hear our name or see it in writing. With a few clicks you merge [the customer’s name] into the subject field and achieve a much higher open rate. This is simply an effective – and free – marketing trick.

Templates: Let your creativity manifest itself with the “Editor” theme. In this theme, you shape the specific or general template and then afterwards fill it up with text, colours, borders, images, graphics and much more besides. Today, the vast majority of newsletters are opened on smartphones or tablets, which is why the templates are responsive, and the templates can be designed specifically for PCs, tablets and smartphones. The “Preview” lets you assess the final results before you press “Send”.

Timing: Planning newsletter blasts means that you set the time of sending your next mass blast(s) (both email and text messages) at exactly the time when you know from experience that your customer group is online.

Segmentation: One size fits all. Or does it? Why send out a newsletter if it won’t be read? By segmenting your customer group based on factors such as demography, age, involvement behaviour and preferred purchases, you can target the content of your newsletter and have a spot-on impact.

Tracking: The most important measurements are neither bounce rates, open rates, delivery rates or click rates. It is having an insight into which customer clicked on what. Once you know which customers are interested in what, you optimise the company’s (and sales reps’) selling process and the building up of meaningful relationships.

P.S.: Activate Mailjet under “Configuration” > “Main settings” > “E-mails”

Christina Palikaras

Christina Palikaras

Christina is Communication and Marketing Consultant at webCRM. She's doing a Master's degree in Professionel Communication at Roskilde University.

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