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Katie Williams Katie Williams

Katie Williams

"I specialise in handling important business processes and new bizz"
Stephen Todd Stephen Todd

Stephen Todd

"I provide businesses with professional service to implement great CRM"
James Bogue James Bogue

James Bogue

"I help my customers to be organised and sell more"
Jørgen Rode Jørgen Rode

Jørgen Rode

"I want to inspire companies to build better bonds to their customers"
Mikkel Bording Mikkel Bording

Mikkel Bording

"I have a passion for precise communication that goes to the point"
Christina Andersen Christina Andersen

Christina Andersen

"I am dedicated to engaging content and values good relationships"
Julie Lind Mikkelsen Julie Lind Mikkelsen

Julie Lind Mikkelsen

"I am keen on creating cross media content which makes a difference"
Peter Svarre Peter Svarre

Peter Svarre

"Author, speaker and digital strategist"
Experts in 12 countries Experts in 12 countries

Experts in 12 countries

"Hundreds of customers across numerous industries"
Jonathan Løw Jonathan Løw

Jonathan Løw

"People can find greater happiness and insight by listening louder to each other"
Heini L. Hansen Heini L. Hansen

Heini L. Hansen

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to ad, but when there is nothing left to take away"
Christina Palikaras Christina Palikaras

Christina Palikaras

My goal is to produce readable content
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Customer relationship management

When is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) a success? When it develops your customer relationships and when you focus on actionable and critical data and features. Read about the 2 webCRM frameworks, which help you scope your CRM project right and focus on information you can act on.

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