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Focus over fancy features

By Category: CRM Work
Most of my work is with our new customers, helping them to plan and implement their new CRM system. Whether they are migrating their data from an existing system, or entering the world of CRM for the first time, my advice is always the same: Keep focus on what YOU need to do – not what the system can do.
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Management is key to driving successful CRM

webCRM’s international experts have years of experience getting companies started with a (new) CRM system. Many of our experts’ projects follow in the wake of customers’ earlier unsuccessful implementation attempts. We have asked our experts why CRM implementations go wrong, and the same picture emerges across countries. CRM implementations fail for two reasons: 1) Uncertainty about business benefits – what the system needs to deliver. 2) Lack of involvement within the management team.
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Dear Watson

By Category: Sales CRM Work
Good sales people are like detectives. We are always listening to customers and cataloguing important details that help them to make the next sale. The information we gather from customers and how we use it forms the basis of the relationship we have with them in the future, good or bad.
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Why customer journeys jumpstart your CRM project

By Category: CRM Sales
When I help clients identify their requirements for a CRM solution or define the business processes that will be included into a particular configuration, I like to turn things on their head a little. The classic method is to look at the business; its activities, data capture, employee roles and audit trails, but I prefer to view the organisation through the eyes of its clients.
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3 reasons why sales people are reluctant to engage with CRM…AND 3 tips on how to fix it!

By Category: CRM Sales
In my experience there are three main reasons sales people are initially reluctant to engage with CRM systems: # 1 Suspicion. They think that the information they put in will just be used to measure them and to store all that vital customer information they have in their heads in the system. They are right! # 2 Managers insist on having jazzy reports which means that sales people spend valuable time inputting data into the system that is no real use to them. They are right on that one too! # 3 Following on from the first 2 points CRM systems tend to be clumsy to use which is frustrating to the most disciplined of us, a nightmare for sales people.
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When is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) a success? When it develops your customer relationships and when you focus on actionable and critical data and features. Read about the 2 webCRM frameworks, which help you scope your CRM project right and focus on information you can act on.

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