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Data Segmentation landing page tip 1.1.1

webCRM allows many different ways to segment information out of box. The most important are

Organization type
Organization status
Organization industry

If you wish to modify any of these login to your free trial system. Click on Configuration -> Drop down lists. In this page you will be able to modify or add new customer segments.

Custom segmentation
If you wish to create your own segments click on Configuration -> Custom fields. Here you can see two custom segments added Original Lead Source and No of Employees. Add new field by selecting the first one with text not used, select the type of field, name it and save.

In this example we are adding a date field established.

Import your data
You need an Excel sheet with your data. If you do not have anything at hand download a sample here. Save your Excel sheet in .txt format on your computer. Log in to your webCRM. Click on Configuration -> Data Import. Click on Upload new file, click on Browse and select the file you just saved. Click on Upload button.

After upload you may select what you wish to import. In this example you select Import Organizations and import Persons. Save settings and validate.

Click on tab “Map data”. Now you select the excel columns and their mapping to webCRM data fields. Map all fields you need and press Begin import button. In a while your data is populated in webCRM.

Building relationships – 1.1.2

Using Activities
Activities help you remember everything. Remember to call, email, etc. webCRM activities are not closed when an activity is updated, they are just moved to the next action date and the activity log is updated with all your important notes and more– you know exactly when to call in the future and what you discussed last time.

Using Calendar
Click on Calendar. You see your own calendar. Click on the gear icon on the right and you can select other users’s calendars as well. You may select 1 day, 7 day on month view. If you click on the PLUS sign you can create a new appointment. webCRM then requests to search the organization with whom the meeting is.

All meetings with contacts and organizations are saved in webCRM and you can report meetings in many different ways. For example The number of ‘New Sales Meeting’s for each Sales Person for last week, last month or future meetings by type booked for the next 30 days.

Ease of data access – 1.1.3

Bookmark your login in easy. Using the login email you got login to webCRM. Clink on Personal settings gear icon. On the right side of the page click on link Click here to save your login link as a bookmark.

Adjust user interface
The User interface may be adjusted by simply clicking on the gear icon. In this example show how the Organization list can be customized so it shows what you need to see. You may add new filters on lists and you may adjust the list columns data.

In the Main Menu click on the Organizations link at the Top of the Page. The objective is to create a filter so that you can filter the list by only specific Organization types. On the right side of the list click on gear icon.

Add a new filter and a new column and save. You can now view, for example, all Prospects.

Reporting – 1.1.4

Create a report
To create a new report on customer appointments login to webCRM. Click on Utilities menu, click on Reports and click on PLUS sign to create a new report. You can create Reports that can be reused again and again.

In this example we are creating a simple Meeting Report. For data type select Meetings and then give a name to your report and save.

Open tab Display data. Report column 1 select Organization name, Report column 2 select Organization Status and Column 3 select Meeting responsible. Save the report and you can start using it.

Create a new sales opportunity
Sales pipeline and forecasting

webCRM allows you to manage Sales Opportunities either for yourself or for teams.

There a several ways to create a new opportunity. One way is to login into webCRM. On the Main Menu in the Centre up you see a Link to Opportunities –click the link.

Create a new Opportunity by clicking the PLUS sign. webCRM will allow you to search for the company that the opportunity is for. Search e.g. webCRM and click webCRM on results list.

Fill in the basic data, Pipeline level, estimated order date, Description, customer contact and revenue and GM.

The way organisations manage their pipeline can and will differ. webCRM provides a number of different options. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

You have you first opportunity filled in and you are ready to go for forecasting.


There are several forecasting methods webCRM can be used for. Select from filter menu Display summary by date and you can see your pipeline bar chart, weighted values and unweighted value in 30 day segments.

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