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Jørgen Rode
Jørgen Rode

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Jørgen Rode is CEO at webCRM. He holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce in Foreign Trade. Jørgen takes pride in working with enthusiastic and inspiring people every day providing value to companies ranging from Scandinavia to South Africa

Get organised before your hard data gets too slippery

What is CRM? As an experienced CRM provider in most European markets, I hear this question quite a lot. Today, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a widely applied business model for managing interactions with current and future customers in a company. The core of the term is quite simple… keep your business on track with help from a software system that will manage your customer relations in an organised way. That’s it!
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Customer relationship management

When is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) a success? When it develops your customer relationships and when you focus on actionable and critical data and features. Read about the 2 webCRM frameworks, which help you scope your CRM project right and focus on information you can act on.

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webCRM was founded in 2005 and is present in 11 countries. We’ve had profitable growth year after year from day one. webCRM has been awarded the Gazelle prize for 5 consecutive years as recognition of exceptional growth.

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