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Optimize your lead generation and sales process with Leadfeeder and webCRM

Most companies would obviously like to have many 'free' leads from their website but unfortunately, reality is that it is typically less than 5% of the visitors who informs about their contact data. webCRM's cooperation with the Finnish company Leadfeeder enables us to define a ‘new reality’ and give you the last 95% to work with.


Leadfeeder has developed an application that identifies almost all visiting companies based on their IP address. It tells you which company has visited your website, when, what keywords they used to find you, and how long they stayed on your website.


The partnership means quite simply that Leadfeeder generates a lot of B2B quality leads from your website while webCRM ensures that you even with a multiplication of leads easily and effectively run a structured and orderly sale process.


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More relevant leads… without paying for them!

Our integration with Leadfeeder runs automatically. When you click the webCRM icon in Leadfeeder, the lead is immediately transferred as an activity in your webCRM system. This way you can easily send your new sales lead to one of your sales or telemarketing people. Also the most relevant data on the prospect's behavior on the site is transferred as long as you have configured your webCRM system accordingly.
The integration is free of charge if you have a Leadfeeder Premium license and either a Plus or Enterprise version of webCRM. At Leadfeeder they give new users a 30 day free Premium trial so you can test Leadfeeder and the integration with webCRM.
Read more about Leadfeeder, sign up for their free 30 day trial – and connect it to webCRM.



Get quickly and easily in the process of gathering quality leads

  • Download a free webCRM trial version

  • Download a free Leadfeeder trial version

  • Connect Leadfeeder to your Google Analytics account

  • See the list of company names that have visited your website

  • Find relevant contacts via the built-in LinkedIn search

  • Transfer your leads from Leadfeeder to webCRM with a click

  • Start a structured sales process 


Leadfeeder is designed to allow you to filter your leads based on their behavior and for example weed out existing customers or only select the visitors who visit a particular page. Already have Google Analytics installed on your website? You can immediately go back in time and see who previously visited your website!


Please note, that Leadfeeder cannot identify the individual person that visited your site, only the company, and thus you should use your normal sales pitch when contacting them. You may find good help in the integrated LinkedIn search to see name and position on persons that work in the company. It is much better to ask to talk to a named person.

Learn more by visiting www.leadfeeder.com






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