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webCRM - Mailjet Integration

Does your newsletter work? Do you follow up?

The integration between webCRM and Mailjet makes your email marketing measurable and helps you sell more 



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The integration with Mailjet makes your newsletter more effective in four different ways. From the planning of targeted distributions to the evaluation of completed campaigns. Mailjet proves what works and what doesn’t: Who opens your newsletter and what do they click on? 


Mailjet is one of the world’s most reliable email engines with high deliverability. You can be sure your newsletter reaches your recipient’s inbox. The integration with webCRM gives you the opportunity to benchmark your email campaigns and lets you know which newsletters your customers find interesting.  

The integration gives you the following benefits:


#1 Convert clicks to orders with advanced tracking
All clicks in your newsletter are automatically registered and listed in the “email event log”. This makes it easy for you to create follow-up activities for your sales team such as email og phone calls. As a sales representative you will know exactly what your customer has clicked on in your newsletters and this will naturally appear on the contact card. The tracking makes it that easy to convert your newsletters into actual orders.

In addition, Plus and Enterprise users have access to extra statistics and graphic dashboards.

#2 Scheduled newsletters
You can schedule your emails and text messages. Consequently, your can distribute newsletters during the weekend, holidays or company seminars.

#3 Automatic handling of hard bounces
Mailjet automatically registers hard bounces and updates the contact card.

#4 High deliverability
Mailjet is one of the world’s most reliable email servers with high deliverability. You can be sure your newsletters end up in your recipients’ inbox and not in the spam filter.



Free of charge for all webCRM users

Mailjet is free of charge in all webCRM packages and is enabled under Configuration > Main Settings > Email. 

Learn more by visiting www.mailjet.co.uk


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