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Reports: New powertool to create an overview

webCRM allows you to prepare reports or summaries of all kinds of data in the system. Generally, you can create a report based on the data if your data is in the system. Now your summary and tool has become an even better tool.

powertool 1

There are more ‘operators’

An operator is, for example. ‘=’ Or ‘<’ or ‘>’. But it can also be ‘different from’ words: ‘<>’. We have also developed some operators that can be attached to text boxes: ‘starting with’ or even better: ‘does not contain’: ‘<>’ and ‘contains’

Search for other data fields from the organizational level

There has previously been a limitation – it is now solved! Previously it was a little complex to do things like to seek and find all the companies to one specific product, but not another.

powertool 2
You could in fact only search ‘at the product level’, that is, make a report of ‘products’, that are not one, but the other – but the output of such a search has been ‘products’ and not ‘companies’ Now you can

In the menu ‘Advanced’ button, you can now choose to seek ‘corporate level’ and select ‘with product’, which gives access to search in product fields, although the report is made at the company level.

It’s so smart that we can not even get our hands down here.

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