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Safety and convenience

Why choose an online CRM system?

Your online CRM system is safe and convenient


Your online CRM system is safely hosted and automatically backed-up every hour by webCRM. A fixed monthly price per user and you are free from wasting your energy on hosting, backup and maintenance. You have 24/7 365 access to your customer data anywhere, always enjoy the latest features and when you grow, we upgrade your plan at the snap of your fingers. We’ve designed a customisable system that lets you spend your energy on really making a difference. What you need, when you need it.


6 reasons why you should choose an online CRM system


  • 24/7 access anywhere: Your online CRM is available 24/7 365 from anywhere as long as you have a browser and internet access. At webCRM, we have an unparalleled 99.97% up-time.


  • Always the latest version: We host your CRM system. It frees you from thinking of and spending time on updating, backing-up and maintaining both hardware, software and data. There are no local installations and no hardware requirements. Your CRM users are automatically updated to the latest version of the webCRM software. A fixed monthly price per user and updates for free.


  • Always current data: With an online CRM, you never have to synchronise customer data. Data is always in real-time. Actions and analysis become more reliable and you don’t risk missing out on opportunities.


  • Easily get more features: With an online CRM system, you can easily and instantly get more features and functionalities and add more users as your company grows. Your online CRM system is ready to move on when you are.


  • Seamless integrations: Via API, your online CRM system integrates seamlessly with your other business and sales software applications e.g. your ERP system, your email server (e.g. Exchange), market data providers, etc.


  • Easy license management: At webCRM, you are free to assign and re-assign your licences to whoever user you may like at any time. You can easily manage licenses from your CRM system – or let us help you.


Your online CRM data is safe with webCRM



Secure EU hosting
Your webCRM data is hosted by a third-party PCI and ISAE 3402 certified hosting provider (DanDomain) in the European Union in highly secure underground facilities.


Hourly backup
We do an hourly incremental backup and automatic full backup of your webCRM data every 24 hours to a secondary location.  This means that we can restore your CRM data with one hour’s accuracy up to 14 days back and with one month's accuracy up to one year back.


Separate database
We don’t have multi-tenanted databases, where data from multiple customers are stored in the same tables. Your data is separate and private from other webCRM customers in your own MS SQL database (physical file) with a unique random name. This is a highly secure method to make sure that each webCRM customer only views his or her own customer data.


Two firewalls, SSL encryption and more
Your online CRM data is safe behind two hardware-based stateful-inspection firewalls and SSL (secure socket layer) encrypted. We have two redundant internet connections, redundant power supplies and fire protection plus a diesel generator standing by. Among others. Contact us to hear more.


90 security access levels
webCRM offers up to 90 security access levels. Access levels let you manage, and limit, access to critical CRM data. This is relevant if you have e.g. different responsibilities (administrators, management, standard users etc.), remote offices, different teams/departments (sales, marketing, customer service etc.), managers or a large number of users. You need to decide, for example, who is allowed to manage users, export data or delete data. Is this restricted to management or a specific sales representative? You can easily manage access levels from your customer relationship management system – or let us help you.


IP address log and user blockage
webCRM logs IP addresses and blocks users, who unsuccessfully tries to login three times in a row.


Your own your data
Your data is yours and yours alone. You have the full rights to all your CRM data.


Access secured by 3rd party
We won’t hold you prisoner. You are free to take your data with you any time. Should you choose to end your subscription with webCRM, we offer to store your data for up to 90 days after termination. webCRM pre-pay our hosting provider (DanDomain) six months ahead for all required services, and they are obligated to maintain the operation of webCRM for at least six month in the unlikely situation that webCRM no longer can or will operate the systems. Read more about webCRM Security here or read our Terms and Conditions.



What is an “online CRM system”?
webCRM is an online CRM system (also called “cloud-based CRM software” or “web-based CRM system”). We keep your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system on servers in “the cloud”, as opposed to on your own premises. Your sales representatives, and other colleagues, can access your CRM online via a browser. If you have an on-premise CRM system, it’s installed and run on your own, local servers, which you have to update, backup and maintain yourself.


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