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Personal branding lets you sell more

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We buy from the person, not just the company. The salesperson is the main driver of getting new clients. So it’s important to think about the signals this person sends out.

The salesperson should be someone the client feels they can trust, someone they respect and most of all someone they like! The customer will be a loyal customer if they feel that the salesperson is reliable and engaged in giving them great service.

To get this strong relationship with the customer you need to build yourself a personal brand. To become a personal brand you have to consider many factors, such as how you present yourself, the tone in the conversation and things like your use of media – and some even include everything you do!

So let’s have a look at what makes you succeed in this.

What’s your personal brand

Your Brand is what exists in the minds of your customers. It’s their perception of you. To develop your own personal brand you need to identify your brand specialty and then find out how to brand yourself.

It’s easy today to use different media options because we don’t have to go through the traditional media, and can go straight to your target audience via social media.

1. Prepare

What exactly do you want to achieve and which steps do you need to take to achieve them? Figure out how you want to get to that goal and make sure that both sales and the rest of the team agrees on that. The best way to make sure that your communication is aligned through out the company is by using your CRM system the same way for all employees. Write down what you have planned with the client and what the next step is.

2. Listen

For you to sell more, you need to know your clients needs. Ask and engage with your client so it’s not all about you and the cool product you think they need from you. You might be surprized to learn that you can find a better match for them with a different solution.

Find out: What is the most important need of your client and what can you offer to solve the task?

3. Keep in touch

As most salespeople know, it’s easier to sell to an existing client than to make a connestion with a new one. Maintain your client list in your CRM system and make sure to add something personal about the person, so you can build a more personal relationship. It’s so much cooler to feel that your selling to someone who you know because then you can solve something important to the person. It’s a win win situation!

By interacting with your clients on a regular basis, you get a chance to catch the ones who hasn’t gotten their needs met. Maybe they need more, but don’t know that you can offer a good solution to that need? Catch those signs before your competitor does!

Don’t worry about bugging your prospects – your giving them a service call and if they are doing just fine, you can set your activity in your CRM system to wait a couple of months.

4. You commit and they commit

One of the most annoying thing a salesperson can do is to not followup at the time that they have promised. Why would I trust you with my affairs if you don’t have your act together? How you handle your time says a lot about the value you place on the time of others.

When you speak to a prospect it is fair to ask for commitment the other way around. Before you conclude your meeting or phone call ask the client about the next step – maybe the client is not ready to buy, but you can plan to make a follow up conversation.

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