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Hold on to your customers and follow up on new leads


Every day is packed with things you need to do to hold on to your customers and follow up on new leads. Calls, quotations, campaigns and lots more besides. Nothing comes from nothing and there is always more you can do. Taking action and following up is critical in order not to miss any opportunities and in order to be successful. webCRM’s unique “Activities" feature ensures you never forget to call your customer and that you always follow up on all your offers and opportunities. “Activities" helps you do what you need to do – before it’s too late.













  • Avoid missing any business opportunities by remembering to take action in due time

  • Build stronger customer relationships by remembering to call your customer

  • Achieve higher win rates by remembering to follow up on all your offers

  • You can do more, because it is easy to register your progress and move on to the next activity

  • Allocate calling lists and follow up activities to one or more members of your team dependent on their skills and capacity

  • Obtain an efficient sales process and tie closer relations by easily logging and looking-up past activities and conversations with your lead or customer

  • Plan telemarketing campaigns, survey calls, marketing campaigns, retention activities and follow ups

  • Easily convert your “Activities" into opportunities and quotations

  • You can be more organized, because you can send emails and book meetings directly from your “Activities"

  • Personalise your sales dialogue by looking-up your customers’ and leads’ social media profiles and their newsletter clicks directly in your “Activities"


"Activities" helps you do what you need to do – before it is too late. It keeps you on track every day and makes sure you do not miss or forget anything. “Activities" helps you focus on your important tasks and makes it possible to do your best, to focus your energy on the actions that will move your business forward.

Hang in there – and hold on here


Every day is bursting with things you need to do. You need to call 5 new leads. You need to make 10 quotations. You need to send meeting reminders, and lots more besides. If you forget, or do not do it well or do not do enough, you may miss opportunities. You need to hold on to your customers – “Activities" will help you do just that.

Know what your customer knows

You have the opportunity to treat your leads and customers excellently, because you can see what you did and said yesterday in the “Activity" log. Not remembering what you agreed and promised last time you spoke is a real turn-off. Whereas remembering your conversation will win and retain customers.

Do your best

“Activities" will tell you what you need to do today. WebCRM makes it easy to actually do all of it today. “Activities" is a user-friendly feature, which ensures your level of activity is high. You can also allocate actions to other members in your team, enabling the load sharing of important or large tasks and reaching out to the most capable resources in your team, thereby helping you plan the next steps that you need to take.

Visibility makes you wiser

“Activities" also provides transparency of your work processes, responsibilities, progress and results. Everybody can see everything. Visibility spurs team spirit, urges responsible actions, expands your individual room to manoeuvre and makes it possible to allocate resources and adjust processes. It not only benefits you, it also benefits your customer, because it allows you to excel.

Insight to do what’s relevant

In addition, your marketing department will gain knowledge about things they can offer and communicate to inspire and support the sales process. Finally, management can see which activities are generating orders, and which aren’t. This makes it possible to stop doing the things that are not working and focus on what is.


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