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CRM customisation

CRM customisation

Customise your CRM system

In order to be successful with your CRM system, you need a CRM system, which fits your business, and a CRM system that your sales team will use. That is why webCRM is both flexible, scalable and easy to use. So that you can focus on your business and seize all the opportunities the market has to offer.





  • Flexible, because you can adapt fields, screens and layout to match your business and users

  • Scalable, because you can add features and fields as you grow – and turn off those you don’t need

  • Easy to use, because the user can adapt the interface and navigate swiftly and smoothly

  • Add your own fields anywhere in the system

  • Change terminology to match your business and industry

  • Add access levels and change user permissions


Made to fit

We believe systems should adapt to your business and processes – not the other way around. If a system cannot adapt to how you work, and what you want to achieve, then it is bound to fail. When you adapt the webCRM system to your business’ goals, you can make a real difference – for your business and for your customers.


Reclaim power

In webCRM, you can make the changes yourself, because your CRM system needs to be as flexible and dynamic as your business. You should be in the driver’s seat and change direction and speed whenever you need.


Unplug irrelevance and save energy

Irrelevant information and functions make it hard to focus. Therefore, you can turn off any field or feature you do not need. If you do not use Territories, Currencies, or Punch cards, for example, there is no need to have these features. Simply turn them off.


Adjust and add – for “best-in-class" achievements

You can change options for system drop-downs and add new custom fields (more than 200, to be specific) if you need either different or more data. You can also use your own terminology – e.g. change “Organisations" to “Companies" or change “Person" to “Contact". In order to achieve extraordinary things, you need to be able to do it your way.


User groups and access levels for security and usability

You should not bother people with features they do not need in their daily work. For example, you should not give people the option to view, create, edit or delete data if they do not have the responsibility for maintaining this data or know the meaning of the data. User groups and access levels are especially useful if you have different territory responsibilities, remote offices, different departments, managers or simply a large number of users. You could decide, for example, that Administrators are the only ones allowed to manage users and import data, and that Managers are the only ones allowed to delete data and manage budgets.


Adapt the user interface – and increase use

What you need as a sales representative may not be what you need as a marketing manager or support consultant. A user interface, which is adapted to the user type, has a positive impact on the daily use of the system. The start page, organisation look-up, contact card, activities and all other main screens can be adapted by the administrator and by each user. You can also make alternative list views and change the system language.


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