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Customer Database

Customer Database

Organise your customer relations in a CRM system

Organised customer data will give you stronger customer relationships, better results and increased sales. Lack of structure can lead to incomplete data, unsystematic efforts, poor relationships and random sales. webCRM helps you manage all your customer data, history, tasks, documents and customer communications in one single place, so that you become more efficient. In short, webCRM helps you manage how and whether you grow.




  • Manage B2B and B2C customer relations

  • Organise important customer data on one single customer card: contact information, activities, meetings, business relations, offers and orders, inbound and outbound emails, personal email and newsletter clicks, social media links, Google maps and directions, exchanged documents, products and buying history

  • Directly from the customer card, you can create new activities, make offers, send emails, book meetings, upload documents and create new contact persons

  • Make, send and store document templates (e.g. quotations, contracts, order confirmations, and invoices) directly on the customer card to quickly see what you have agreed with the customer

  • Import and export all customer data, to do’s, emails, meetings, documents, quotations and orders to/from the system

  • Customise the contact and the customer cards with your own data fields and terminology

  • Avoid incomplete, invalid and duplicate data


Build on solid grounds

A well-structured customer database is the solid foundation you need to build your customer relations and business on. It contains all the major characteristics and information about your customer. What is his name? What are his contact details? Where is he located? Which kind of business is he in? How good a customer is he?  Which documents have we exchanged? What have I promised? What is he saying on LinkedIn? With webCRM, you get a single, shared and systematic overview of all your customer relations.


A CRM system meant for organising, hunting and growing

webCRM gives you one place to organise all the pieces of information related to your customer. In an instant, it will help you find your customer and all related conversations you have had with him in the past. It will help you chase new customers, organise your day, and keep track of when you need to be where. Help you close deals. And grow.


webCRM is easy to use and designed to help sales people become more efficient and sell more. Therefore, sales people love using the system. And when sales people use the system, your data will be both useful and valid.


Having all your customer data in one single place will save you time and agony here and now, but it will also make it possible to build new customer relationships and ultimately sell more.


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