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Customer Service

Customer Service

Handle your support cases efficiently

Handling customer questions, complaints, and requests efficiently and professionally is crucial for your reputation and customer retention. webCRM comes with a built-in support module, so that your support team can handle incoming tickets fast, consistently and accurately.





  • Maximize the use of support resources by minimizing idle time

  • Assign and re-assign tickets to the support team members based on skills and work load to ensure fast and accurate responses

  • Get input and answers from other team members before answering the customer

  • Support team members can see customer status, ongoing sales activities, open quotations or meetings scheduled with the customers and take that into account when handling and prioritising support cases

  • FAQ list for fast and consistent handling of questions

  • Case log with past dialogue for professional handling

  • Sales reps can see ongoing and past support cases to use as valuable input for their next sales call

  • Sales reps can create a support case directly from the customer card for fast and efficient handling

  • Grant customers direct access to their support cases via web portal

  • Automatically create support cases submitted from your website

  • Automatically deduct time from punch cards

  • Automatically assigned ticket numbers makes it easy to find and follow the case

  • Analyse the support cases to optimize support setup, product offers, and training

  • Quickly see the status of support cases (e.g. ongoing, overdue, closed) to adjust resources


Support is an integrated part of your customer relations

Your customers expect you to treat them professionally and consistently, regardless of who they are talking with. Happy customers are good customers. Therefore, Customer Service and Sales must have integrated processes and systems so that they can benefit from and nurture each other. Customer Service will have the insight to prioritise customer issues, and Sales will have a complete picture of customer requests to be able to re-sell more successfully.


Handle cases faster and more consistently with FAQ

Your customers may ask quite similar questions. If the questions are generic, you will free up a lot of time with a FAQ list. You will also secure consistent answers regardless of customer and support case responsible. Your support team can quickly and easily look-up a question and email the answer to the customer.


Handle cases more professionally with the case log

The case log allows you to see the exact customer request, the dialogue you have had, and the answers you have given. The log helps you solve more complex or lengthy cases and gives the customer both a professional and personal experience.


Register how fast you solve cases

You can use the optional punch card feature to sell and register time spent on specific customers. Time registration also allows you to see how fast you solve cases, both overall and down to each case type or product, for example. Even down to each support person or team, if you like. It will enable you to document if you need more resources or better training.


Analyse your support cases

Use webCRM’s powerful reporting tool to analyse your support cases. You can analyse e.g. “priority" to find out whether your support cases are typically major or minor. You can also investigate “close-reason" to find your solved/unsolved rate. If you use the time registration, you can see how fast different types of support cases are resolved. This insight can help you decide whether you need to offer more or different product training, strengthen or expand skills, make new educational resources, or improve your product offer, for example. You can make sure knowledge from customer service and support goes back to sales and management.


Give customers direct access to their support cases

Give customers direct access to register new support issues and view the progress of already submitted support cases. Grant access to the parts of webCRM you like through a customer portal, which exchanges information with webCRM. It is reassuring for the customer to be able to monitor the progress of complex or lengthy cases, and it saves you time to report the status to the customer.


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