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Email and shared calendar

Email and shared calendar

Keep track of vital emails and appointments

Questions coming in. Answers going out. Appointments being booked, cancelled, and re-scheduled. People being copied, informed and included. If you drop any of these small pieces of communication on the floor, your customer might take the first exit – or never enter your door. Save valuable time and know what your customer knows by making webCRM your communication central. Send, save, schedule, and synchronise emails and meetings in webCRM.





  • Always see who promised the customer what and when by saving outbound and inbound emails in webCRM

  • Save vital inbound emails and attached documents from Exchange directly on the customer card

  • Easily find sent emails, because emails sent from webCRM are automatically logged on the customer card

  • Attach documents such as quotations, contracts, order confirmations and invoices to the emails you send from webCRM

  • Use email and text message templates to save time for producing standard messages

  • Make document templates and easily merge with contact data, meeting dates, quotation details or similar

  • Book meetings in the shared calendar to be more efficient

  • Synchronise your emails, meetings, tasks and contacts between webCRM and Outlook, Office 365, Google Apps or any other email client via Exchange


…from pain

Have you ever had one of those days, where you spend precious time searching for the email you sent to your new lead? You wish you had somewhere to save interesting questions from your customer. You are frustrated for having to write your standard reply mail again. You pull your hair out for not being able to see when your colleague is available for a meeting. Have you ever crossed your fingers that your customer will never know what mess really is happening behind the scenes?


to pleasure…

Make webCRM your “communication central" to turn daily communications and coordinations into valuable knowledge. Send, save, schedule, and synchronise all emails and meetings in webCRM. Experience what happens when you are at all times fully aware of who said, met and did what and when. All this releases precious time that you can spend on calling your lead before it is too late. You will actually enjoy answering that interesting question from your customer. You will get happier customers, and you might even win that promising lead you’ve worked so hard to get. It is possible to show that you listen to, and care for your customers, because now you can find that vital piece of communication that made them feel special.



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