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Events and surveys

Events and surveys

Manage events and get insights with surveys

Events and surveys are efficient lead generation and business development tools, but only when you are able to follow up with targeted sales activities, offers and communication. Manage the entire process from planning, invitation, collection of answers, and follow up in webCRM to get better results.





  • Manage events smoothly, because you can invite customers and leads for courses, conferences, seminars and webinars – and save sign-ups directly in webCRM

  • Use surveys to gain business insight that allows you to target your newsletters, make new courses, or even develop your products

  • Follow up on events and surveys with sales activities, emails, text messages, new surveys or new events


Manage events smoothly

Events are great for attracting new leads and with the event tools in webCRM, you can manage the whole process from invitation to planning and follow-up.

Events take a lot of effort to develop and execute. You need to invite customers, leads and business partners and manage who, how many and when they will participate. You need to send them sign-up confirmation and you need to be able to send them email or SMS reminders a couple of days before the event. You may also need to send a follow-up email or a survey at a later stage, and you certainly need to follow up to get results.

With webCRM you can put your invitation on your website or email your invitation directly from webCRM to the relevant person(s). Thanks to webCRM’s website integration, the sign-up information will be saved directly in webCRM, ready to use for follow-up emails and sales activities.


Develop your business with surveys

Surveys like e.g. customer satisfaction surveys, small website surveys, and after-event surveys are great opportunities to get to know your customers and leads better, and to develop your business and offers. Use the insights directly in your sales process. Or use the insight to design your future communication with followers and leads, to deliver excellent customer service, develop your products, educate your followers and customers, and for customer retention. Use the insight to focus on what is relevant.


Get better results when you follow up

If you don’t follow up on your events and the insights you get from your surveys, what is the point? With webCRM’s powerful analysis and segmentation tool, you can make sure you follow up on events and surveys with sales calls, emails, text messages or any other targeted activity.


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