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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Get new leads

Lead generation doesn’t have to be an expensive, time-consuming and ice cold affair. We believe you should spend your time and money where the potential is highest. And we don’t want you to miss out on any good opportunities. Generate leads from your website, social media and business databases with webCRM. All leads are converted to sales activities in order to make sure you follow up on all the chances you get.





  • Allocate leads and activities to your sales reps to ensure follow-up before it is too late

  • Identify and import leads from business databases based on your own criteria

  • Collect leads from newsletter sign-ups and contact forms on your website

  • Identify invisible website visitors and convert them to leads and activities

  • Find leads on social media and follow-up with structured activities

  • Google or look-up leads’ LinkedIn profiles directly from webCRM

  • Measure results and collect insights about lead generation sources


Assign activities to your sales team to ensure follow up

It is easy to identify new leads and collect their contact data in webCRM. It is critical that you follow up with structured activities. This will help you convert leads into customers. With webCRM, you can define and allocate sales activities when importing new leads from your website, social media or business databases. So that you make sure you follow up before it is too late.


The end of cold calls and endless Googling

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on identifying new leads, how expensive they are and how you make sure to spend your time on the most profitable ones? Instead of cold calls and endless Googling, how would you like to be able to pursue leads, which have shown interest in you on either your website or your social media? How would you like simply to look up new leads based on industry, geography and key financial figures?


Find leads in business databases

You already have good customers. And you may have an idea about the kind of customers you would like to target in the future. Instead of random Googling, be structured about it. You can use our business database integrations to find new leads based on e.g. industry, key financial figures or size. Add leads directly to your “Activities" and know for sure that you have done your best to spend your time where potential is. 
You can also use the business database integrations to enrich lead data with more data about e.g. geography, industry, financial information, phone number, etc. Once you have more data about your leads, you can qualify them and approach them with more targeted offers and inspiration.


Collect contact data from newsletter subscribers

Offer a subscription to your newsletter on your website and collect data from followers who may eventually be ripe enough for Sales to take over. With webCRM’s website integration, the data is saved directly in webCRM the minute the website visitor clicks the “Subscribe" button.


Identify and qualify “invisible" website visitors

Imagine you could contact the companies visiting your website. We offer solutions where you can see which companies that visited your website, which pages they have visited, for how long, and which keywords they used to find you. Add visitors directly to webCRM’s “Activities" and use webCRM’s built-in Google and LinkedIn search to find the best person to contact before you make your first call.


Turn a social follower into a lead

Have you ever thought about using your company profile on LinkedIn or Facebook for lead generation? With social platforms, you can spot new opportunities either by monitoring your own social accounts or by monitoring other companies’ social media. Once you spot an opportunity, add the person to your “Activities" to move your dialogue or concrete offers offline and start a structured sales process.


Google or look-up leads’ LinkedIn profiles directly from webCRM

With webCRM’s web and social media link integration, you can Google and look-up a lead in LinkedIn directly from webCRM with just two clicks. It helps you put a possible profile and name on the “invisible" website visitors or interesting companies found via business databases. It also helps you in your daily sales process to be able to quickly look-up a person, see who this person links with and what his / her background is.


Measure results and collect insights about lead generation sources

So did it pay off? Were they good leads? Which lead sources generated the best leads? In order to continuously optimise your lead generation and lead quality, you need to be able to follow and measure the journey from lead source and lead to actual results. With webCRM’s tracking and analysis tools, you can follow your lead source through to success criteria such as number of orders, size of revenue, pipeline stages, winning probability, specific newsletter clicks, or any other key performance indicator; so that you can focus your efforts on what works.


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