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Segment your newsletters and target your follow-up

Relevant newsletters create attention and interest. Targeted follow up generates sales. With webCRM, you can segment your newsletters and send relevant messages to different lead and customer groups. You will know exactly which customers have clicked on which links and you can allocate dedicated follow up activities based on customer interests.



  • Build your newsletter subscribers list on your website and save directly in webCRM

  • Send targeted newsletters and offers by segmenting customers and leads to increase relevance

  • Make targeted campaigns based on customer profiles such as buying history to resell, cross-sell or upsell

  • Plan follow-up calls to customers and leads who have clicked on specific links in your newsletters

  • Schedule follow-up emails to customers and leads who have clicked on specific links in your newsletters to nurse them into action and buy readiness

  • Track open, click and bounce rates to see what works and what doesn’t

  • See on the contact card what each person has clicked in your newsletters, to prepare for your next call

  • Design your own newsletter and email themes and templates for brand recognition and consistency

  • Automatic handling of hard bounces to ensure high deliverability

  • Be sure that your customers and leads receive your emails due to one of the strongest email services in the world

Sell more by targeting your newsletters


Newsletters made to sell

Newsletters sell. Newsletters can convert people from being generally interested to being ready to buy. With webCRM, you can send targeted newsletters and track their performance, and what is even more important: you can convert the insight to actual sales. For each message, offer or campaign, you can segment your customers and leads dynamically so that you hit the bull’s eye – every time. webCRM allows you to see not only how many people have clicked in your newsletters, but exactly which person has clicked what. You can then target your follow up with another email or any kind of sales activity you find matches these persons’ profile, interests or buying process. Newsletters are more than marketing; newsletters are active sales tools.


Get newsletter subscribers from your website directly into webCRM

Use webCRM’s website integration to save newsletter subscribers’ contact data directly in webCRM. The data is ready to use in your marketing and sales process the second the website visitor presses the “subscribe” button. Always put an unsubscribe link in your emails to comply with anti-spam regulation.


Be relevant by targeting segments

You will get a powerful segmentation tool so that you can aim at an exact group of customers or leads with an exact, interesting and relevant message. You can segment by any dimension you like, for example lead source, buying history or industry.


Be consistent and recognized with newsletter templates

Templates are efficient, because you secure recognition and consistency in both visuals and words. It saves you time from typing standard phrases like greeting, contact info, social media links, and unsubscribe link and it saves you time from laying out standard design elements like your company colours and logo.


Schedule your newsletters to optimise open rates

You can schedule the dispatch at your convenience. Why not schedule for the exact time when open rate is best? Maybe you need to schedule for a specific time zone. Maybe the open rate is best right when you are in a customer meeting. This is no issue at all. You can schedule for whenever it suits you and your customer – and experience higher success rates and a smoother distribution process.


High deliverability

If your emails never reach the inbox of your customers and leads, none of the above matters. Many businesses experience that their emails and newsletters are blocked for different reasons. With webCRM, you get one the world’s strongest and most reliable email services, which ensures one of the highest deliverability rates on the market.


See what works – down to each person

With webCRM, you can track the performance of your newsletters and get a real-time visual overview of answers to questions like:

  • Do your subject lines tease people enough to open your emails?

  • Are your links compelling enough for people to click on them?

  • Which newsletters are most successful?

  • Which links get most clicks?

  • How many unsubscribed?

  • Who clicks what?

And here is what comes in really handy: You can see on the contact card exactly which links each person has clicked in your emails. Logging the “click” behaviour of each individual on each individual’s profile in webCRM is a unique feature, which will help you know what your customer is interested in.

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