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Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management

Quantify your sales opportunities

Will you be in business tomorrow? Last year’s revenue will not answer that question. You need to know and control your sales pipeline to be able to adjust your efforts before it’s too late. With webCRM’s Sales Pipeline Management, you quantify and track your sales opportunities, build up your pipeline and compare with budgets to make sure you grow your business.





  • Quantify your sales opportunities

  • Update your winning probability as the sales process moves forward

  • Adjust the pipeline stages to your own sales process

  • Create activities in order to ensure efficient follow-up and in order not to miss any opportunities

  • Easily create quotations and send them to the customer

  • Create budgets and compare in real-time with your pipeline, in order to identify areas where you need to improve

  • Manage delivery in phases


From call to quote in just a few steps

You can create sales opportunities directly from your customer card or activity and choose the pipeline stage, probability of success, latest follow-up date, estimated order date and expected revenue. When the time is right, it only takes a few clicks to fill in a pre-defined quotation template and email to your customer.


Take control of your growth before it’s too late

Your sales pipeline and your budgets allow you to take control of whether and how you grow. Month after month – before it’s too late.


Make detailed sales budgets and compare in real-time with your sales pipeline to know whether you are on track. Avoid the hassle of updating endless numbers of Excel sheets. Get a consolidated or segmented overview of your pipeline with just a few clicks. Quickly make monthly reports and base your ongoing sales coaching on real-time, undisputable facts.


You won! It’s time to deliver

The “Delivery"-module allows you to hand-over won orders from sales to your delivery team, break the delivery into smaller bites and phase it. With the “Delivery"-module, you make sure you deliver the right products and services at the right stage, with the agreed hours and the people you have.


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