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Segmentation and analysis

Segmentation and analysis

Act on valuable insights

Understanding your business combined with the ability to act on what is relevant is a key driver to growth. The reporting function in webCRM helps you find and analyse insights across your CRM system. It also enables you to segment your customers and leads in order to target your newsletters and sales activities. 





  • Use the reporting  function  to understand your business thoroughly

  • Create calling lists and allocate sales activities by segmenting your customers and leads

  • Send targeted newsletters and text messages to your customers and leads

  • Schedule follow-ups based on insight about e.g. meetings, sales calls, orders, buying history, close-reasons, retention rates and lead source

  • Visualise your key performance indicators, pipeline and budgets with charts

  • Create live dashboards for your sales offices


Grow your business

You want to move on, you want to grow, and you want to grow sustainably. You need to know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are, so that you can focus your energy on where it makes most sense. With webCRM’s reporting function, you can analyse every corner of your business, from marketing and lead generation to sales and customer service. You can use webCRM’s reporting function to develop your business strategy, and for operational purposes like allocating sales activities and segmenting your customers for more targeted and relevant emails and newsletters. If you need to see certain KPIs, reports and overviews visually, this is possible too.


Know your business

Do you know where you are going and when you have to be there? Do you have directions, enough fuel and the right speed? With webCRM’s reporting function, you can set a goal and you can find the shortest and fastest path to get there.

Understand what drives your business, for example:

  • How many times did our average customer make a purchase with us?

  • Who is the top performing sales representative in our team?

  • How many customers did we get the past 3 months?

  • Who are our best and worst customers?

  • How many quotations turn into orders?

  • Did our sales activities lead to sales?

  • How many customers leave us?


Send segmented newsletters

The reporting function in webCRM is a powerful segmentation tool. You can single out any lead or customer group you like and send them targeted, relevant and interesting newsletters and emails.


Make targeted sales activities

Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can take action and do something about it. Do you have a retention problem? Search for the critical customers and allocate a “Retention call"-activity to your sales team. After a few months, you can check whether the retention rate has improved. Do this exercise for every customer angle you can find. You are bound to see results.


Visualise your business

Charts count and visualise key performance indicators and data in your company, for example, over a specific period. You can chose between e.g. funnels, bar charts, spider webs, pie charts, and bubble diagrams. You can bulk your charts in real-time updated dashboards for a quick overview.

Use charts to:

  • Visualise your Sales Pipeline

  • Visualise your Sales Budgets

  • Count and visualise number of meetings, customers, support cases, quotations, offers, etc.

  • Count and visualise e.g. support cases, lost customers, sales activities per sales representative, new leads in a territory, or orders in a specific period


You can also use the reporting function to:

  • Mass modify data, e.g. change sales representative in a certain territory, move sales activities to a new date, move sales activities to a new sales representative, etc.

  • Mass-text (SMS) customers and leads, e.g. meeting reminder

  • Merge data with Word templates such as quotations

  • See customers’ and leads’ location on a Google map

  • Invite e.g. course participants to a survey

  • Mass delete data

  • Export data


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