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Website integration and landing pages

Website integration and landing pages

Exchange data with your customers

Missing or invalid data may compromise your customer relationship. webCRM allows you to exchange real-time data with your customers via forms, web pages and dedicated customer portals. Customers can create, edit and view data related to activities, orders and support cases, for example.  You can save information from leads and customers, via e.g. your website, directly in webCRM. Avoid data errors and provide top customer service by streamlining your information processes with website integrations and landing pages.





  • Give customers access to create, view and edit their data such as name and contact details

  • Give customers access to view the progress of their support cases and orders

  • Create support requests directly in webCRM from e.g. a website form

  • Exchange documents such as questionnaires, quotations, contracts, orders, and invoices with customers or vendors

  • Make forms for your website where leads and customers can e.g. ask questions, request brochures, and order products

  • Collect newsletter sign-ups and unsubscribes

  • Sign-ups for events such as webinars, seminars, courses or conferences

  • Save answers from online surveys directly in webCRM


Exchange all kinds of information with leads and customers

Landing pages are small forms or micro-websites, which send and receive data directly to and from your webCRM system. You can place these pages on your website, or customers can access them through a link in an e-mail or via a dedicated customer portal. This way, leads and customers can sign-up to newsletters, edit contact data, sign-up for courses and lots more. Data will be saved directly in your webCRM system, saving you time and making sure that all data is accurate and updated.


Also use landing pages to allow customers to register and view the progress of their support cases, or exchange documents like contracts, questionnaires and orders with them. Make a single entry portal for all of the different pages and data a customer has access to.


webCRM’s website integration and landing pages will streamline your information processes, avoid data errors, save time, and generally improve your customer relations from marketing to sales and customer support.


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