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A Business Owners Guide to CRM

A Business Owners Guide to CRM

You may have a CRM system or maybe looking at CRM for the first time. As a business owner you are pivotal to the success of any CRM system you choose to implement. We have spent some time distilling the considerations we think are most important to you:
  • 1. Be Involved. As CRM advocates we see a major difference in the results of implementations and we have measured it. In 100% of cases where the CEO is actively involved in the initial CRM implementation and its on-going development those companies grow and increase the values of their company. 100%. CRM is not install and leave it, consider it as a tool that needs care and attention and that needs to be used fully, otherwise it will wither and die. Consider it as equal value to your financial system.
  • 2. Start with 3 key benefits, you want a CRM System to deliver. These can be simple to start with and ought to be benefits you can build on. Examples are: make sure every new lead is contacted within 24 hours; Improve conversion rates; Reduce administration time by 1 person; Ensure customers are contacted a minimum of every 60 days. If you set out with key goals this will shape your choice and implementation. The trick is then to define new benefits and sharpen the benefits you get from CRM.
  • 3. Choose a CRM that fits and your staff like. There are lots of CRM’s to choose from, make sure you are clear what you want a CRM to deliver, but also make sure that it is a system that your staff will like using, not too many clicks to get something done and not over complicated. If your staff do not use it because it is too clunky or complicated then sooner rather than later your CRM will become redundant.
  • 4. CRM is a Lead Machine. CRM should be good at helping your team make the most of every lead you get, but as importantly the records of your customers, can be used to create new opportunities, even turn problems into opportunities. Being able to profile customers and prospects on what they enquired about what they bought and when and then target the customer will improve growth.
  • 5. Measure and Improve. The key thing is to measure the rights things for your company, what are your goals? We always advise that whilst going for easy wins and improving performance in one area should be pursued, actually making small improvements in a number of areas is equally important. A 5% improvement in conversion rate from lead to sale is great, but if in addition you are able to improve the quality of your leads by 2%, increase the value of each order by 2%, reduce mistake by 2% and get 2% more repeat orders, you are 14% better off, not just 5%.
  • 6. Secure your company information. How much valuable data is on your sales-person’s laptop? All the sales for the last 5 years? What happens if that key spreadsheet get corrupted? Restricting a system to protect that information from internal, external and general mishaps and threats is a duty to be taken seriously. Think about who should be able to access what information and make sure your CRM system provides tough access rights.


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