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A Guide to the Key Benefits of a CRM

A Guide to the Key Benefits of a CRM

If you are considering a CRM system for your business or organisation and are either new to CRM or are looking for the next CRM system we hope this short guide will be of some help.

First of all why are you looking at CRM?

For most people the underlying reason is that they want to become more efficient and make more money! Do more with the same resources or less, become more organised and reduce risk to the business.

In most cases we can breakdown the key CRM benefits into four categories:

  • 1. Organisations who consolidate key sales, service and marketing customer information into one system have the platform to be more effective, competitive and will have more clarity and accuracy for decision making. Having a well maintained central database system will add value to your business.

    Having a 360° view of customers means being able to see all who and what are customers, conversations and transactions that have taken place, a log of all emails and documents, service call and activities. How many orders, their value and the value and quantity of quotes over the last 6 months, a year or anytime?

  • 2. By becoming more targeted will improve the efficiency of your business. Identifying and targeting customer types or segments that are more profitable will naturally improve the efficiency of your organisation. Equally not targeting customers who consume more resources and are not profitable will have the same effect.

    If you are able to segment your customer information not only can you target by industry type and size but also by customers that have purchased, or indeed have not purchased, or those prospects that have expressed an interest in a particular product or service, you can create far more effective campaigns for your salespeople, tele marketers and email marketing. Just remember your CRM database is a source of leads!

  • 3. Improving lead conversion rates by providing Salespeople with a tool which allows them to record and retrieve relevant information, wherever they are, prioritise and ensure they are able to contact customers at the right time. By simply becoming more organised and better informed when talking to a customer or prospect will mean better results.

    Persistence is also often underestimated in achieving better results. Keep that thread between you and the reluctant prospect is too easy to break. CRM makes it easier to keep the relationship going by personal or more automated methods.

  • 4. Security and risk management is an increasing concern to organisations. Apart from some of the legal requirements, ensuring your data is secure is vital. Making sure employees have access only to the information they need to do their job and they cannot simply walk out of the door with a record of all the orders you got last year will help protect your business.


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