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Getting Organised with CRM

Getting Organised with CRM

Think about it, selling your products is a time consuming and expensive affair. Whatever your products and services, acquiring business involves communication.

Communication is complicated already but it can be made more complicated when it needs to be repeated over and over again.

Simply calling people is not easy. It’s rarely as simple as picking up the phone for a chat. It requires a discipline to research the notes on any previous calls, define the objective, record the content and confirm the next stage.

One call is fine, but try doing it time after time.

Then throw in quotations and negotiations.

Now consider how all the information is stored across folders, spreadsheets, accounting systems, paper and the all-important personal memory. It’s messy and difficult to organise.

The answer is probably a CRM system. A CRM system will organise all your sales information and help your sales teams become more efficient. This will translate into more sales for the same investment.

Before you start, think “What do I really need?”

A central database of contacts is unlikely to satisfy you for long.

Here’s a check list of items to consider. It’s long and you may not need everything but hopefully it’s a useful reference:

Central Database Store and access from one system
Contacts Store all your customers and contacts
Calendar Users create meetings in one system
Activities Manage tasks centrally
Emails Send mass and individual emails
Outlook Synchronise to capture inbound emails etc
Opportunities Manage hot lists centrally
Orders Organise your Orders
Documents Merge and store documents centrally
Quotations Merge and produce line item quotations
Forecasts See sales todate and future forecasts
Marketing Send Newsletter and track results
website Link with your webpages to capture enquiries

There are many more options, but this list should start you thinking of about the benefits of centralising your sales and marketing functions with a CRM system. It’s not difficult to make a significant improvement. Many companies do and reap the rewards.


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