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The 4 Rules of Best CRM Implementation

The 4 Rules of Best CRM Implementation

CRM implementation is a key factor for the success of adoption of a CRM software in an organization and therefore a key factor for the success of the overall organization success.

There are 4 basic rules to guarantee the success of implementation of a CRM solution:

  • Top management decision

  • Choose the right CRM solution

  • Plan the implementation

  • Discipline culture within the organization

Senior management decision

Together with an identified need for a software CRM solution and the existence of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) culture, it is very important the decision to implement a CRM software is taken with total support of senior management.

If CRM software is “only a tool” normal users will work with on a daily basis it is unlikely to succeed.

CRM is also a senior management tool to monitor the organization performance and the teams global and individual performances, as well as to monitor operational regular performances that will result in the organization achievement of targets.

The decision to implement CRM sortware in an organization must not only have total support, but also come to all levels of the organization as a senior management decision.

How to choose the right CRM software

There are many CRM software solutions in the market and not all of them are the right solution for your organization.

Most CRM software are traditionally very complicated systems and have much more than your organization needs. They also cannot be fully customizable and adjustable to the specific needs of your organization.

The right CRM solution should do exactly what your organization needs, not more and not less than that. If you choose a CRM system that does less than what your organization needs, your users will be frustrated and use other systems to overcome the lack of response of your CRM system and in the end losing time and resources to manage information across different platforms.

On the other end, if you choose a CRM system that has too many options and features, that your organization doesn’t need or use, most users will also report that the CRM is very complicated and has nothing to do with your company needs.

The right CRM for your company is a piece of software that does what your organization needs and is scalable and customizable to adjust to your organization and not one that your organization has to adjust to.
Before choosing your new CRM system, ask for several demos and test some options, talking with each supplier CRM consultants. Your will soon find what is the right CRM tool for your organization and the CRM supplier you want to work with.

Plan the CRM implementation

There are many few things that work right out of the box in the corporate management solutions software, no matter what we are talking about, ERP, BPM, BI and of course a CRM.

For some of these systems, if you are a small company, you could use a standard version and have it working for your organization. However, you will have to compromise something regarding your real needs.

To have any CRM solution running with success in your organization, you must have a plan for a proper implementation. Building the plan requires compromise and discipline from everyone involved as well as a profound knowledge of the organization existing management practices and needs, so that, the end result is a perfect fit to the organization.

To do this, you must get the proper feedback from all levels in the company and make a plan that in general should have the following phases: understanding the needs, defining the architecture of the system, customizing the CRM solution, testing the customization and training the team.

Discipline culture within the organization

If there is not complete discipline in the implementation phase you will end up with a poor CRM system and one failing to meet your needs.

If there is no discipline culture in the way people work on a daily basis using the CRM, even the best CRM system, perfectly customized to your organization and giving a 100% response to every organization need, will certainly fail.

Although this is a common place for most realities in life, it is very common that the commitment and discipline of use of a CRM system often compromises the success of CRM programme and culture of an organization.

However, the good news is close management can guarantee discipline in usage and if applied the CRM tool will soon prove itself and become something they can’t live without a single day.

The best example and possible comparison is with gym discipline: if you go to the gym following a disciplined program, you get tremendous benefits. If you don’t do it in a disciplined manner, you get frustrated and will for sure get any good results at all.


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