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webCRM and Office 365

webCRM and Office 365

Office 365 from Microsoft is a key system in the daily life of most organizations, therefore how a CRM works and integrates with it is vital. Emails, Appointments, Tasks Attachments and Documents all need to be shared between the two platforms.


A poor integration will adversely affect the performance and usefulness of the CRM system, a seamless integration will make your CRM system sing and your users very happy.


Don’t make CRM More Difficult! Seamless Integration with Office 365


A seamless integration makes it possible to send email, book appointments direct from the CRM system or Office 365 without having to manually copy information from one to the other improves everyone’s productivity.


Keep it Relevant


You can easily save every email from Outlook to your CRM, but the main consideration is how much of the communication is relevant to a CRM System to understand the ongoing communication with the clients (prospects, customers, vendors, partners and more) to all members of your organization.


In the sales cycle there will always be an amount of communication not relevant to all users. Interaction with a client before a new meeting date is agreed is not always important. Perhaps only the very last email will be relevant to a CRM.


Office Documents and CRM


Documents generated in Office Applications should be stored in the CRM under the company and contact person. You only need to store the relevant Word, Excel or PowerPoint document in your CRM system.


Depending on how your organization uses your Outlook or Office 365 system the integration should reflect this in the integration to CRM.


All Meetings with clients should be allocated to the client with the right contact person and all other colleagues that might also be attending. All relevant documents need to be connected to the right client/company and the relevant interaction with the client meaning the Meeting, phone call, Activity, Offer and more.


webCRM and Office 365


At webCRM we have carefully looked at what our clients need and have developed a seamless integration with Office 365 that is simple to use allowing you the customer the best of both worlds.


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