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Feel the CRM fear and do it anyway

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According to US Based research firm, Sirius Decisions, an alarming 54% of sales reps fail to meet their quota. There are many reasons for this. Astonishingly companies have invested in modern tools for financing, HR and product development but sales operations are often run using Excel or a system that is well past it sell by date. The dangers of this to the modern organisation are many, especially to the small and medium sized companies who need to be quick on their feet to survive.

Customer information on spreadsheets means that seeing the big picture to the detail is time consuming and difficult. Making sure every lead is managed to its full potential, forecasting, communicating with customers and looking after customers properly is crippled with no central system in place.

The big question is why do we find that in most organisations the sales system is not developed?

By far the most common explanation is the fear of implementing or updating a CRM System. For many senior managers, the prospect of undertaking a project of this kind akin to unravelling the Gordian Knot. Sales managers and sales people are paid to be interested in the next deal, not spending time on something that in their opinion will probably be a waste of time and make their life more difficult.

The reality though is that we know that most salespeople only make 2 attempts to get hold of a new prospect, when in actual fact research shows that persistence is key. Being organised and having better information when speaking to prospects and clients gives you an edge. Communicating with clients with items of interest, giving the customer a quality experience with your organisation right from the start of the sales process creates an ongoing value which is priceless.

In our experience if everyone is committed and has a vision of what will make a difference, implementing the next generation of CRM does not have to be that hard. The most successful companies with CRM do not view the CRM as a ‘one of project’ They view it as a continual process to be reviewed and evolved.

By starting small and thinking big you can accomplish anything, even implementing a CRM!

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