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High quality nordic market data

Find new customers and get direct access to key financial figures for your leads, customers, and business partners in Noway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.



No more excuses for missing potential customers

How many potential customers did your sales force overlook last quarter? Every day companies miss out on great orders simply because their sales team do not contact all potential customers in the market. Imagine that you could freely search for prospects in your market based on location, industry, turnover, number of employees and other key figures. Then imagine that you could turn this list of prospects into activities and calling lists for your sales team in just a few mouse clicks.

That is exactly what you can do with the new integration between webCRM and Bisnode. You can automatically remove any existing customer from the list. That takes care of the hazzle related to handling duplicate contacts and saves you any embarassment that might occur, if you accidently and unknowingly call an existing customer as if you did not know him.

You can even spread out the activities and calling lists on a certain number of days to give each sales person a realisitic number of leads to follow up on. Then the sales person just needs to log in every morning and open the calling list with today’s leads. 

In all modesty, we believe that we have now removed any excuse you or your sales team can think of to overlook potential customers. All it takes is that you can state what kind of companies you would like to have as customers and what members of your sales team you would like follow up and when they should do it.

It does not get any easier or more efficient than that – and with webCRM you remain in control throughout the entire pipeline until the deal is closed. You will always know, who will follow up next, when it will be done, and what the results of your efforts are.

Get access to 3,500,000 nordic companies

Bisnode has been a D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) partner for more than 10 years. Bisnode delivers high quality market data in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. The company database is updated frequently and includes more than 3,500,000 nordic companies and more than 4,000,000 contact names. You can access all this data directly from within webCRM. You can freely choose which countries to buy access to.


Get started today

If you already use webCRM, you can order the Bisnode integration by sending us an email at  salg@webcrm.com or calling us at +45 70 220 690.

If you do not have a webCRM license, you can order a two-week free trial by filling in the form below or learn more by visiting www.bisnode.com





You can take advantage of the Bisnode integration in three ways:

  • Increase your efficiency with “Single company lookups”

    With single company lookups you can easily look up a company based on the name, phone number, VAT number, or address. That is useful and very efficient when creating new customers and updating current customers in webCRM. It will save you time and ensure that all data are up to date. (Included in all solutions)

  • Find new leads with “segmented company search”

    Segmented company search allows you to search for potential customers in your market based on location, industry, turnover, number of employees etc and automatically create calling lists for your sales team. (Silver or Gold Solution only)

  • Find contact persons and see key financial figures with the “Gold Solution”

    The Gold Solution gives you access to names for key persons and key financial figures when you look up single companies and performs segmented company searches. For Danish company you will also gain access to 5 years of historical financial data. (Gold Solution only)








Bisnode Basic


  • Single company lookup

With Bisnode Basic you can lookup single companies from with your webCRM system. For instance, you can enter the company’s name, phone number or VAT number to get a list of matching companies, which you can create or update with a single mouse click.

Price: Free for webCRM Enterprise users


27,- GBP/mo. for users of webCRM Standard or Plus



 Bisnode Silver Bisnodesilver


  • Single company lookup
  • Segmented company search
  • Industry search
  • Calling lists
  • Data cleansing

Bisnode Silver include segmented company searches and allows you find leads based on location, industri codes, number of employees, company type etc. When importing leads to webCRM you can automatically create activities and calling lists for your sales team.

Price per country: 700,- GBP/yr

If you purchase 3 years, you will get a 50% discount on the 3rd year.



 Bisnode Gold Bisnodegold


  • Enkeltopslag af virksomheder
  • Segmented company search
  • Industry search
  • Callling lists
  • Data cleansing
  • Key persons based on job title
  • Key financial data for all nordic companies
  • Historical financial data for Danish companies

Bisnode Gold offers all the features of Bisnode Silver. In addition you will get access to names for key persons and key financial data for both single company lookups and segmented searches. For instance, this allows you to limit your search to profitable companies with a certain minimum turnover.

Price per country: 1.000,- GBP/yr

If you purchase 3 years, you will get a 50% discount on the 3rd year and a free data enrichment at startup.





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